The Dhoom women have always been characterized as personification of hot in Bollywood. But as the latest video of Dhoom’s title track went viral, there is a unanimous echo of dampened spirits amongst all. It’s good nonetheless but ‘woh Dhoom wali baat nahi hai’! Katrina Kaif, who serves as the lead lady in the newest edition of the franchise Dhoom 3, is resplendent no doubt! However she doesn’t get in the unusual slickness that people have been pining hopes on.


The reason why Dhoom Machale went viral for the first time was because of its off beat stylish look and feel. Earlier Chubby Esha Deol shed all her baby fat and appeared in a role that was quite stark from her potential and the roles she had procured before that. No doubt Dhoom was her most memorable work. She looked shockingly hot, not merely a shadow of her mother’s beauty which worked well for the film. For its time, Dhoom Machale was a fun, peppy and energetic numbers. It wasn’t common to make songs with such techno base as it was assumed that it wouldn’t ring well with all. YRF risked working against the flow and the first Dhoom Machale was laudable song which till date is famous amongst all.

Esha Deol in Dhoom, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Dhoom:2 And Katrina Kaif in Dhoom:3 movie Stills
Esha Deol in Dhoom, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Dhoom:2 And Katrina Kaif in Dhoom:3 movie Still

Cut to Dhoom 2. The title song was a mishmash of b-boying and other fantastic street dances of America. Featuring Hrithik Roshan in the song surely raised the bar higher than expected. The man grooved his body to perfection. But the Dhoom girl Aishwarya Rai was equally stellar. Once again, the former Miss World has always been an example of remarkable poise and elegance. To work in a film like Dhoom 2 was quite unlikely her. She was scintillating and seductive like one would have never expected from her. Sizzling and charming, she made Crazy Kiya Re and Dhoom Machale rock! Somehow meted out with a more potent look worked in her favor as her audiences couldn’t get the Dhoom 2 image of the actress out of their head. The fantastic chemistry of Hrithik and Aishwarya raised the bar of Dhoom songs to an unexpectedly higher heights, which is why Dhoom 3‘s Dhoom Machale doesn’t seem all that great to us.

Aishwarya’s elegance, class and stature was insurmountable always but the reason Dhoom 2 stands as an undefeated work of hers is because of the distinct transition she got in her look for the film. One wouldn’t have expected the actress to don a street smart look like that and be marvelous at it.

Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous in every frame of the song, but the energy of its music is quite low. It was a very dull sounding Dhoom song, and I speak for many who wrote to us saying the same. Katrina Kaif’s infallible beauty is bewitching but the look she dons isn’t any new for the actress. People have seen her do a Sheila Ki Jawani and Zara Zara Touch Me too. She maintains the hotness quotient for sure but fails to raise the bar like what we expect a Dhoom franchise to deliver. She is known as the elegant Indian Barbie Doll but the actress has been versatile enough to try her hand at altering the perception of people towards her in many films before. But, there is not an inkling of newness in Dhoom 3’s Dhoom Machale.

Music wise, energy wise, it’s somber. It doesn’t give me the required kick I was expecting. Years later, I still get thrilled watching Hrithik and Ash do their Dhoom Machale. I doubt this thrilled me at all to linger through the week, forget years! There is a lack of earnest effortlessness as the song comes off as supremely plastic and if I may dare to say- Thanda.

Like I said, Dhoom has always personified a new dimension of slickness quotient in Bollywood. But the first impression hasn’t been quite great with most. We sincerely hope that our first impression doesn’t become our last!




  1. Dhoom Franchisee, Dhoom Girl, is like Bond Girl for India movie Franchisee.
    Esha had no class at all. Niether the dance performance was remaerkable. She was pathetic. Comparing and mentioning Esha here with Ash and Kats is insult.
    Dhoom1 title was best in terms of music, lyrics, energy. Sunidhi was mindblowing in her vocal.
    Dhoom2 title was average, ya

  2. I still listen to Dhoom and Dhoom 2 songs. It never gets boring. But this Dhoom 3 song I just listened once and have no intention of listening to it ever again.


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