The brand new trailer of Kaanchi has made me lose all faith in the magnum opus aura that the Showman of Bollywood had once possessed. Despite his brighter spanning over multiple decades, the last few spurts from Subhash Ghai have been disappointing to say the least. Now the showman is back with Kaanchi, introducing a fresh face in the industry in a trailer that gives a very sketchy glimpse of the story.


Known to build massive films on heavy premise, what has gradually gone missing from his film is the conspicuous engaging factor. Take any of his earlier films like Karz or even his production Trimurti, the films despite not being very novel were tackled with surreal brilliance. However, post Yaadein his films began getting wafer thin in terms of plot and frailer in terms connect.

Indrani Chakraborty (Mishti) in a still from movie 'Kaanchi'
Indrani Chakraborty (Mishti) in a still from movie ‘Kaanchi’

But the trailer of Kaanchi isn’t problematic only because I am judging it given the doom of an erstwhile talented filmmaker. If you look at Mishti’s laugh-worthy histrionics as she converts into a Lady Dabangg of sorts, you’ll know that there is very little substance in the film which is why the trailer focuses exceedingly on the actress’ valor. Kartik Tiwari whom we remember vividly from the infamous and hilarious Pyaar Ka Punchnama monologue goes an experimental way in this film and we hope for his spunky acting, the guy attains some nirvana from this film which will probably be written off with great ease.

Amidst all the squalor, it was hard to miss Rishi Kapoor who slips into the antagonistic role yet again after the magnificent work in D-Day and Agneepath. He is effortlessly menacing and perhaps the film’s sole efficient highlight. It is obviously too early to comment on the scripting but Kaanchi serves to us in indefinite measures gloss and glamour. But the magical spin of the Showman is starkly absent.

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