Tusshar Kapoor
Tusshar Kapoor

Now this one really came as a surprise to us. While John Abraham and Tusshar Kapoor are playing on-screen friends in Shootout at Wadala, the story goes that they were actually schoolmates way back in the 80s. Though they two were not thick friends and were separated by three years, there are some clear memories that they carry.


Remembers Tusshar, “Yes, we were in the same school. I was in 7th and he was in 10th. In fact he was my captain in the Yellow House back then. I know him from that time when he was an achiever in studies as well as sports. He was an extremely focused student.”

On a lighter note, Tusshar adds that even as a teenager, John knew how to apply his charms and get things done his way.

Smiles Tusshar, “He was very good with his PR skills even then. I remember how he conducted so very well with the teachers that they just found him right all the time. He was very popular amongst other classmates as well. Still, despite all of that, he was always very well behaved.”

Irony lies in the fact that in their upcoming film, John is a Mr. Nice Guy again till the character plays by Tusshar comes into his life and instigates him to pick up arms and turn into a ‘bhai’.

Smiles Tusshar, “Yes, our characters meet in the jail. Though he is a very educated guy, I come from the world of crime. I almost brainwash him to go the other way. I instigate him to pick up arms and kill before someone else kills him.”

While on the sets they did share memories around their school time together, socially they continue to be cordial than being thick friends.

“That’s the way both of us are; we don’t fake. We may not be best of friends but then we are great working partners. We keep things to ourselves, work and go home than socialise. As an actor, I hope we get a chance to work together again,” smiles Tusshar before signing off.

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