Yes, he was always the coolest guy around. One peck of his disarming smile and you would go weak in your knees! But John Abraham, who could hardly dish out successful ventures as sharply as his dishy body features and hunky looks has finally found solace with Madras Café. “Well Shoojit had narrated Madras Café to me years back but back then, I was not sure whether something on such a grave topic would work in my favour. But when the time was right, I decided to make this film and asked Shoojit to go on with his thoughts,” recalls the actor.

John Abraham in Madras Cafe Movie Stills
John Abraham in Madras Cafe Movie Stills


From a person famous for his intimate scenes in the prolific Jism and his suave chor act in Dhoom, Madras Café definitely is an outrageous change, a risk that has definitely been well paid for the long-deserving actor residing within John. “Each time I used to release a film, I was ready for all the brick bats. I knew there would be one line common in all reviews. John fails to rise above his half expressions and John could not do this and that and blah blah. I always feel that the critics had written me off too early. It is ten years that I am in the industry but today, I am happy that I decided to change my inner thoughts and went ahead and made a film like Madras Café which I totally believe in. Hopefully it would add some credibility to the actor in me who has always been craving to come out and give one performance that people will remember me for life. Madras Café is that film for me. Hopefully everyone would start considering me as actor now and not just another model-who-cannot act”, was all that he expects from his audience this time.

From an actor to the producer, John has been taking dual responsibilities at the core of the film and the recent controversies have definitely left him disturbed, he confirms. “Films are never meant o give rise to any controversy. With a film as hard hitting as Madras Café, Shoojit himself took the pain of writing and revisiting the script each time we felt it might hurt some communal sentiments. Madras Café was never meant to backlog any particular group or region, the essence of a political thriller has been kept in mind to produce something which is rather a clean film, devoid of any religious, communal or any other forms of blasphemy. And as a producer, many might think John is loving it since it is giving the film a boost, but trust me Shoojit and I did not set out to make Madras Café for making profits through controversy. I just hope people give the film a chance” was the word from the actor, when a group of enraged people staged protest outside his building today.

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  1. its sad to see dat films like madras cafe doesnt run in india..john is an ace actor n chossing a film like dis shows how brave n versatile as an actor he is..u r amongst my fav actor list aftr watching dis film (y)


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