Dhoom 3‘s reclusive marketing strategy has been in talks for a while now. With the film’s makers even refusing to reveal their full length song videos, the curiosity has been building for the venture. In the words of Aamir Khan, the attempt is to protect the novelty of their product. Though it really isn’t Aamir Khan style to promote on television shows, but keeping in wraps everything from the storyline to songs, is thought to be a tad bit much by many staunch Aamir loyalists too.

Salman Khan in Jai Ho and Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 Movie Poster
Jai Ho and Dhoom 3 Movie Poster


Contrary to Aamir’s quasi elitist move, Salman Khan has adopted a more inclusive method of marketing his films. The stardom of Salman Khan donned in more recently and the actor has learned to value his fans tremendously because they are the quintessential reason why mindlessness of his films doesn’t deter fans from watching. The first look poster of upcoming film Jai Ho was actually made by a fan of Salman Khan. Tweeting and Promoting fan-made posters is a part of everyone’s marketing drill but Salman’s gesture was way more eyestriking.

Proclaiming the poster as the first look of his much awaited film, Salman Khan became a bigger hero in the eyes of his fans. The method of including his teeming zillions of fans is way more warm as compared to Aamir and YRF’s tendency of keeping the consumers devoid of their product.

While the end motive of both is to arouse curiosity, which definitely will work in both cases but Salman’s noble method of marketing topples YRF and Aamir’s tryst.

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  1. amir is a trend setter that creates rules…and everybody follows….he started the first remake of action then everybody(salman,aki) followed him to get sucess..

    amir started a new marketing strategy everybody now followed him..

  2. Salmans Jai ho… I hate Amir’s tactics… He is opportunist… he will use salmans name for his movie promotion… sirf aur sirf apana fayada dekta hai sala..


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