As a guest blog post by one of our readers, brings to you an open letter written to Salman Khan by his fan. Read on…

Dearest Salman, Jai Ho! Not because the film is any good but simply because this is your favourite salutation these days.

This is an urgent call for you to come back from wherever you have strayed and get back to being this much loved rock star who wears his stardom light and unapologetically delivers his brand of entertainment. The good looking Romeo, the endearing tapori, the dude with an attitude who saunters in on the screen in style, mouths quirky dialogues with deadly punch lines, shows the perfectly chiseled body, sings and dances and sets the baddies straight with a panache. All this delivered with an unmatched charisma and style like nobody else. Please come back to doing all this as soon as possible!

Salman Khan in a still from 'Jai Ho'
Salman Khan in a still from ‘Jai Ho’

You are most welcome to do meaningful films with a good story and a powerful character. In fact, we are waiting for that but there is no need to be a role model in every sense and give a message through film etc. You entertain millions, make them forget their everyday drudgery for a while, give them vicarious pleasures and give them hope. It is a much greater social service than you can imagine. Not to mention the actual charity work that you are doing in every possible way. Trust me, you are doing enough and inspiring enough. There is no need to get on this slippery road of giving a message through films.

This marriage of entertainment and a socially relevant message is difficult to achieve in the first place. A carefully constructed screenplay, a proper characterisation, intelligent dialogue writing, realistic detailing, apt casting, good production values and a serious attitude to overall film-making could have probably made Jai Ho what you intended it to be. But with somebody as immature as Sohail Khan at the helm, it has become almost laughable. It is too childish and immaturely handled to be taken seriously and too boring to be entertaining. In an attempt to appear serious and meaningful, it has lost its capacity to entertain. And with the director’s inability to actually get serious and put together something meaningful, it fails to convincingly give out a message.

We know that you love your brothers and we love you for that. But that doesn’t mean they get to make these eagerly awaited event like films starring the colossus of a star. A film, that comes only once a year and has billions of rupees and huge expectations riding on it! I am sorry to say that Sohail has not grown as a filmmaker at all. He is still a kid getting his whims fulfilled by the big brother who he is in awe of. He doesn’t seem aware of the fact that times have changed, film making has changed and technology has changed. He doesn’t seem to realize that film making is a serious business and there exist things like coherence and consistency in a film. Even the seemingly illogical entertainers have a method in madness and once you adjust with the settings and get in the vein, they can entertain you. A film like Jai Ho demanded a much more of method and a deeper understanding of the subject as well as technique but Sohail has completely failed on this count.

Salman, you support your friends and people in need of support to their careers. We love you for that too. But turning the message of the film into the main criterion for casting is stretching it too far. It helps neither the film nor the actors. These actors are not going to get anything on the basis of their roles in Jai Ho nor is the film gaining anything by having these people around. So many known faces popping up in two bit roles might have been a good idea in a David Dhawan comedy. But here, it simply kills whatever little impact it could have had within the constraints of screenplay and direction. E.g.- The moment you see Genelia with amputated hands, you know it’s fake and you are instantly disconnected. The believability quotient becomes zero. Same goes with the corrupt cops, the army officer or the rickshaw wala. Unknown faces in these roles would have created a much better impact and would have lent some believability to this unimaginative fair.

The charity approach seems to have extended to the technicians as well. Music directors who have become tired, choreographers who are running out of ideas, cinematographer whose standard of work is pathetic and the overall low production values that give a very cheap, artificial and worn out look to the film is what Jai Ho has got. This is a bad news.

There must be expert technicians and specialists with proven credentials who may be dying to work with you. So what if they are not close to you? Give them a chance too. Some of your earlier films have had good technicians and the results were there for everyone to see. You have given opportunity to many newcomers and have made them big. Once in a while you can ignore them and do what is in the best interest of your film.

Just the good intention is not enough to make a good film. This film is lazily made. There is laziness in thoughts, in developing the story & the characters, in realistic detailing, in creating a larger than life experience, in shooting on real locations and in every other department. If this was a project close to your heart then it is totally devoid of the passion and the hard work that usually goes with such projects. The film banks heavily on the star power of the main character but doesn’t care to look after the proper presentation of even this main character.

I don’t think your fans mind a film with a good story and screenplay, intelligently choreographed action and the sleek look and feel of Ek Tha Tiger or Dhoom 3. Why assume that they don’t want it?

Jai Ho brings some questions to my mind. Are you getting overconfident? Have you started underestimating your audience? Are you taking things for granted? And most importantly, are you taking your stardom and popularity too seriously? So seriously that it’s becoming a burden?

Yes your stardom is big and your popularity is mind boggling but don’t let it alter your choices beyond a limit. It doesn’t work this way. Your real life persona and deeds have already inspired many to do good for others and to do many other things your way. You have media like Facebook and Twitter to interact with your fans and communicate whatever you want. There is no need to make a film for that.

Most of the critics have refrained from calling Jai Ho an outright bad film or giving it one and a half star like they used to do in the past. Many are writing in a resigned tone while some are making an effort to understand the psyche of your fans, expectations of a common man and what he looks for or likes in a film. But that doesn’t make Jai Ho a good film.

The film may still do well (looks doubtful, though) and that will be simply because of the love people have for you or because of the way business is run these days. Some of them may even like it but that doesn’t make ‘Jai Ho’ a good film.

The fact is that the film is a huge disappointment even for many fans and doesn’t do much for them.

Your intentions were noble. You wanted to put your stardom to good use. We appreciate that. But ignoring the main job of entertaining and putting a huge responsibility in inept hands is not a right way to go about it.

I think, Jai Ho is a serious slip –up. A well intentioned effort that has gone all wrong. Your main job and obligation is to engage, entertain and give people a good time in whatever way possible. Everything else is secondary. This is the motto that you have gone by so far and should continue to go by in future as well. If at all you have to make something like ‘Jai Ho’, it better be made by an intelligent and a capable director. Otherwise, keep doing what you are doing. You are doing just fine.

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  1. A few comments on social media about Jai Ho:

    “The best thing about Salman Khan movies is that you can review them without even watching.”

    “Salman khan is the most eco friendly guy, saves paper by not doing any film which requires script. #respect ”

    “Bakwaas film….. but all the illiterate uncouth fans of bhaijaan will make this film a hit….. no wonder India doesn’t develop.”

    “Another dumb salman movie…..only thing to take away from his movies are headaches. ……this looks like ek tha tiger sequel the way this steroid fed gorilla rips off his shirt, growls and uses his paws etc……”

    “Faltu movie…… give your money to charity and earn good karma rather than waste it on a ticket.”

    “Agar Aapko haisa lagta hai ki hamne aap ki sirr dukhaya hai toh aap gaali math dijiye, instead cinema ke bahar 3 logon ki help kijiye aur unhe iss film dekhne se rokhiye.”

    “3 cheers for arbaaz and sohail khan..dono ne milkar bhai k career ki waat lagayi #jaiHO”

    FLOP HO !!!!!

    Jai Ho performance analysis – Jai Ho had no big actress, no big director, poor music and non-holiday release. The only thing the film has is Salman starpower. So it shows that Salman in his favourite genre (masala action) is able to give an opening of 17.5 crores based solely on his starpower.
    17.5 crores opening on its own is quite good but everyone thinks this is underwhelming for a Salman starrer as they expected 20 crores atleast. This means one of the following:
    a. Public expects too much from Salman, or
    b. Salman’s starpower has been overestimated
    Either way Salman will no more be able to give big hits with the masala genre. That genre is dead now. In south such films will run but north audiences tastes are different. For every Dabangg that becomes hit, there are many Himmatwala and Boss. Salman must change his films or he will go downhill completely.

    • Jai Ho Opening Day Business AnalysisIts Pretty Unusual Thing A Big Release Lower Down Its Ticket Price So That Large Number of People Can Watch and Enjoy It.The Golden Hearted Man SalmanKhanDid This. Jai Ho is a Film For Common Man, Their Problem and Their Life. The Film Has a Social Message to Help 3 More People If Someone Helped You Instead of Just Saying Thanks. The Creation of Human Chain an Effort to Bring The Change in The Society. To Make It Reachable to Everyone Salman Decided to Keep The Price For Jai Ho Tickets Low. He Gave The Message to Distributor and Theaters Owner to Keep ItLower.Where The Big Films LikeDhoom 3andChennai Expresshad Ticket Price as Much as 900 RS and 400+ RS Respectively. ForJai HoIt was Not Even Close 350 at Highest Price. Tickets are Available for Even 100 Rs forJai Hoat Lowest. This is WhatPeople’s Man Salman KhanWanted, Make It Open For Everyone and Take Home The Social Message with You and Help People.So With Such Low Tickets Price IfJai HoGot an Opening of 17.55 crores Nett ThenNo Way it Is Bad Business At All. Everywhere The Tickets Price is More Than 30%LessSome Places Its Even 50% Less If We Compare withDhoom 3. Now Do Your Math, Hope You Get It… Jai Ho…

  2. This open letter is from a Salman fan, not Salman fans.

    I’m a fan too. I thoroughly enjoyed Jai Ho. Loved the movie. My family loved the movie, too, and they learnt some valuable lessons as well.

    Salman, I’m with you on this movie. Thanks. Jai Ho.

    • yes bro….i’m also with u anh salman bhai

      In Ammir Khan’s language :
      fans hain hum Salman ke
      Humpe kiska zor
      Ummedon ke sooraj
      Nikle chaaron ore
      Iraadein hain fauladi
      Himmati har kadam
      Apne “Jai Ho” ki kismat likhne
      Aaj chale hain hum DEKHENE ….JAI HO………….”

      jai ho…………..bhai………..i saw 1st 1st show………all people were roaring jai ho and enjoyed a lot………Jai ho is again Block bluster………………..Salman bhai’s acting is outstanding and excellent……………..public say”Jai ho is far better than CE, KRISH-3, DHOOM-3, EK THA TIGER”.

  3. Dear Writer
    I think u may enjoy cheap david dhawan comedies like joru ka ghulam and raja babu….Jai ho is great movie with good message…u should develope your taste

  4. Dearest Mr. Writer,
    you r just a frustrated individual who, probably, has been paid to write smthng like dis. I saw the film and everytime the man roared, my adrenaline started pumping. People were totaly engaged and they wer shouting, clapping throughout the film. U can’t bear d fact dat how can 1 man carry a film on his broad shoulders. And dis website hs hired such a waste like u nly fr d publicity.. If u have so much knowledge abt hw a film should be then go make a film nd going by the way u r sharing ur knowledge, it should win an Oscar. People can say whatever they want, Salman Khan is a true rockstar. Although, i like SRK but salman has smthng quite extra ordinary. U go get a life nd btw people don’t really pay heed to watever u r writing. Salman Khan doesn’t need ur approval. Go, get a life

  5. what u want form bollywood movies??????????/ jai ho is a fine movie with a good morality… if u want to view about direction ,then dhoom-3 also poor dirction as well as copy of hollywood movie ‘ The prestige’…so dont compare bollywood movies…all movie are same with poor direction except some like Rockstar, Bhaag milkha bhaag,etc…
    and about jai ho business its depend only luck dear…if u disagree with it then the Chennai express never make 224 cr and the most appreciate movie Bhag milkha bhaag limited in 104 crs…and the most disgusting movie Grand masti never collected 104 crs….
    so indian audience are testless and also stupid…so these are happens…..
    jai ho………………….

  6. Dear Writer,

    Who ever u r.. grow up.. Whatever u hv written, partially it is true.. The story had potential of becoming a milestone movie but bad direction and execution worked against it.. BUT it doesn’t mean that it is a bad movie considering bollywood standard.

    BHAI is mindblowing as usual.. i am no one to write about BHAI and his good doings..

    Stop this negative publicity and chill…
    one piece of advice – pls ask 3 Salman fans to help u out and they would ask 3 more for sure..

    Jai Ho..

    Jai Hind.. wishing Happy Republic Day to all

  7. salman I am a huge fan of urs but after watching jai ho a shit happens that u r over same type of movies same concept garv was much better but jai ho is childish

  8. Jai Ho Bakwas film but if it will Eid release then record breaking business must, KHANS are nothing without big holidays festive season. If Bodyguard release today then 70cr lifetime is tough.

  9. what a rubbish fan this is . Ab samajh aata hai ki sabko masala hi pasand aata hai jisme koi theme na ho . Jab salman khan back to back masala blockbusters kar rhe the tab sab kehte the ki unhe kuch aata nahi hai iske alawa but ab ek complete movie kari hai to foolish comments kar rhe hai . you are not salman khan’s fan buddy but surely you are a serious salman hater ..
    And every reviewer is also is also a hater because on first day every website or reviewer gave the movie 3 -4.5 stars means equal to or better then previous salman’s movies but after low box office collection reports everyone change their attitude and comments.
    Mr. xyz downfall in the collection is not due to the salman khan but in reality salman knows his exact collections ( 30-40 cr.) but he make moovie to be delivered to every common man by lowering ticket price to 50-70% .. this is what the salman khan and that’s why he is most loved personality in India , because the risk of selecting fresh actoresses and lowering its ticket price can only be done by salman khan. Jai ho Jai Ho jai jai jai ho !!!!!!!!!

  10. I don’t think so …. .JaiHo is A good Movie with a good message and Its specialy made for Common Peoples Bcz Its ticket prices are 70% lesser Then Dhoom and Chennai That’s why its collections are lesser But its Word of Mouth is almost very positive compare to Chennai and Dhoom… jaiHo

  11. Bhai logo salman bhai is a true star. He know very well what to do or not ark have guts to do a film with newcomers or he give any hit without big directors no..but only salmon can do. I agree that bhaijaannbe galti ki WO yeah ki bhai ko yeah film eid 2013 main realizes karni thi first aap ko pasta culta ki srk kitna bada flop hai…for last two days I watched this movie three times and still I watch again n again JAI HO TOTALLY ROCKS WE LOVE SALMAN BHAI.

  12. nice movie and good massage.leken afsoos log essay movie ko passand nahi karte,ye real life keliye great msg hai,aghar hum sub kisi ke halp karna start kare,aik tu aik dosre keliye nafrat khattam ho jayegi,pyar paida ho jayega,,leken afsoos log esay moveis ko zyada passand karte hai,,jho real life main kuch change nahi la sakte,dhoom 3 deko koi esa tarah karta hai,main kisi bhi fan nai ho,just movei dekta hon jis ka bhi ho.srk fan kehte hai,ye remake hai,remake hai leken msg acha diya hai,satlin movie just un logo keliye ta ,jis ko tamil zuban ati hai,aur jai ho sub keliye hai,kyun ke hindi sub ko ati hai,aur dosri baat srk wale movie srk ke movie same like dil wale dulhan le jayege movie ki tarah hai,just kuch changing ki hai,

  13. Dear writer
    you are just a fan of salman. You dont symbolise the mass. The mass that salman has always got support from in his good or bad time and we are that mass.
    BHAIJAAN we are always with you. jai ho is one of the best movies of salman. I really enjoyed jai ho and my family too. JAI HO.

  14. Nice analysis. I agree salman should work with better directors and technicians. We r sick n tired of salman doing remakes. He is better than that.

  15. how many south indian blockbuster movie remake gonna salman do??? pls do something original…apart frm dabang all his other films from last 5-6 yrs are remake of south blockbusters….like ready bodyguard wanted now jai ho….thts why aamir and SRK always rock…SRK is the true king

    • SRK is the true king only in his fans’ dreams, but The Original RUler of Bollywood is Salman Khan who has been ruling the Indian Cinema since 1989 with maximum number of All Time Blockbuster and Blockbuster films; Apart from Dabangg and Dabangg2, Ek Tha Tiger was also an original film, but my question is why u guys feel jealous when Salman does South Indian movie remake? what is your problem in that?? For most of the Hindi audiences.. those remake films are unseen movies, so what is bad in giving audience a nice story even if it was made in some other language earlier. Even Shahrukh and Aamir did remakes (Ghajini, Don, Devdas, paheli, Swades, Billu, Ra.One, Baadshah etc..); at least Salman does official remakes, but Shahrukh had stolen the story of Billu, Swades and Paheli and did remake!! And to be the worse, SRK did Hindi films’ remake again in same Hindi language (Example: Devdas and Don); for Hindi audience south movies are new and unseen, but Devdas and Don?? Oh’ comne one!!

  16. TAALASH, JAI HO proved that KHANS are nothing without big festive holiday release. If Bodyguard was non holiday release then 60cr lifetime tough.

    • What about Ready and Dabangg2?? Both were non-holiday releases which earned 125 Crore and 160 Crore respectively. Ready was totally a non-holiday film, while Dabangg2 released on a non-holiday on 21st Dec, it had a holiday after the 4 days of it’s release but holiday on 5th day doesn’t help a film and on that holiday there was a T-20 cricket match between india and pakistan to make the things worse! Even though the film earned handsome money!! Jai Ho is not doing great because of Salman Khan’s connection with Narendra Modi, Bigg Boss 7 controversy and bad music of the movie!

  17. Srk rules – awesum comment buddy, as being a srk fan hats off to ur reply to the idiot who just wants a publicity or he doesn’t knw anythng abt the movies….

  18. Haha It makes me smile reading these stuffs, You Are speaking ur personal view dude keep it up urself who ever your are little man having little and cheap thought about the movie, Keep ur thought urself, dont count only Money or box office collection. Me from nepal here the movie review from public is awesome and i Had booked four days earlier to Watch the movie. the comment is awesome. Its Really Same on to Publish this rubbish Materail. This is My First and last Comment for koimoi, this article made me compel to Write about these things Jai Nepal, Jai Ho Salman Khan You had done awesome thing dude carry on………. You are only One real human in Real Life as well Being Perfect Human ( hope the other Money oreinted actor could learn more thing from Him Jai ho.

  19. DOOM 3….you call it as a great movie!!!!!!!…..ohhhhh dear….Jai ho may be a good movie in the sense that its too near to reality ….and who the hell want such things in a movie(not my point of view)……but I like Salman Khan from the begining itself more than any Khans of Bollywood… be precise… I am a big fan of him…. the trend is that the more worse is the film, the more collection….and visversa……I am not disappointed with Sallu this time as he have delivered his maximum in this film……Congratulations Mr. Khan…..You are a real WINNER this time…..that you proved to be a good ACTOR and a good HUMAN simultaneously …….Keep moving …..JAI HO

  20. This movie is far better than ur previous movies in the last decade…u have given a great chance to many artist in this film which other actors fear to do…jai jai jai jai jai ho.

  21. All I say is sallubhai totally over confident. Never take things for granted. Specially uyour fans. U can’t fight war the weak general nd captains like sohail khan et all

  22. I am a die hard Bhai fan since his MPK ..but I totally agree with this author. I also think there is a bit of arrogance which has crept in to u.. for e.g when a fan on Aap Ki Adalat, your fan, asked u for a hug, you very rudely refused him thereby insulting his feelings.
    Bhai remember you are a superstar not because of ur incompetent brothers but because of all ur fans.

    Also, the production values of ur movie were very average. I felt as if I am watching a south Indian dubbed movie in a Hindi.

    While its good to give new actresses a break, but do movies with established actresses as well like Dipika, Anushka, etc… they add value to the project e.g Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 etc.

    and lastly please, send Sohail Khan on break to spend some time with Uday Chopra, maybe.

  23. salman khan introduced indian , indian cinima, love to my area in non asian country , he also introduced it to east wurope, south america , far east , middle east , africa and world he became style and ideal lover from maine pyar kia . he is real life star same in real life to same in movie. but he is human and what he faced is not little and you may see similar situation in many area of your life. jai ho his cotribution message to start new life style against problems and politics carruptions etc

  24. Looking forward to seeing Jai Ho. I bet I’ll enjoy it. I watch movies to be entertained, not to pick apart all the technical aspects of it. I will purchase it for my DVD library, as I always do with Salman’s recent releases since “Wanted”. Another angle to the article: Perhaps Salman was trying to help Sohail to achieve a hit film, as he did in recent years for brother Arbaaz and brother in-law Atul Agnihotri. Greetings from the great State of Texas!

  25. This is a very balanced analysis. Surprised to see reaction of salman khan fans. Salman khan should stop making remakes and go for better scripts and directors.

  26. A Very well articulated letter. And yes salman fans are waiting him to do an Aamir Khan at the box office (sans Dhoom3 that is). There are good directors, technicians and script writers. Make them a part of your film. And for once, act inside the limits of a character. We’ve loved Prem and chulbul pandey for they weren’t salman on screen. They were characters that you made immortal. Return to doing that. The way you can charm up an audience of every age group, hardly anyone can. Cheers.

  27. Deareat Manjusha patil… No offence sista but i was kinda overwhelmed with madness when i read ua post.. With due respect sista if you seek to watch a humorous movie grace uaself ny rewatching krrish 3 and dhoom 3 … I bet u ll hava good laugh….and as far as the message is concerned .. Whot i fee. Is he didnt fail to convey it.. Any ways again no offence did u bother takin ua brain when u went to watch da movie…. Fight scenes and stuffs were entertaining… And i guess u dun seem to get boared of watchin same actor doin same stuffs again and again in every movie he makes… I mean seriously??? U needa get a lyf behnaa grow up nd help some ppl around so dat somday u dont have to beg people makin pokerface everywhere… Help me help me!!! M sorry if i exaggerated but beware there are bhai’s fan who.will b offended by ua post…. Take take nd first help uaself… I am sorry if i hurt u..anyways :)

  28. sometime it’s gud to think outside the box. as far as the movie is concerned , it’s definitely a good one . nice job salman sir.

  29. I think this is your personal opinion, right? I dont think that you speak for the fans. My wife who generally does not like Bhai’s movies for the first time said that his movie had a story and he did a good job. So i dont know what are you talking about? Probably you should have been in the theatre (and by this i mean the high-end multiplexes) where ppl kept on whistling and shouting whenever Salman was on screen. Infact if you would see the original Telgu film you would laugh at the way it has been created. So dont write anything on behalf of the fans. You can purely say that it is ur personal view!!!!

  30. It is a very good movie for everyone to watch atleast once. With Recent development in Indian Politics and common man with full uproar, need to keep up the momentum. So definately watch this moving and ask others also to watch it……only dance, tapoori and figth doesn’t make every thing.

  31. Hi Right now i am in Arab Country Bahrain i am not the big fan of salman khan but i just saw the Jai Ho and i loved the movie so much this is best movie of salman and in cinema hall there are almost 80% Arab Peoples and all loved Jai Ho…. jai ho is much better than other films..
    I loved Jai Ho i hope in future salman Khan is doing this kind of movie..

  32. I am a big fan of Salman Khan as far as movie is concerned he did full justice to his role and shown his acting skills. But please guys read the letter what has been written is so true. I never believe in Sohail khan direction since Hello brother, i mean c’mon guys be fair we should tell and realise the facts and faults of the movie. I mean we all love Salman Bhai but if we would not stop him from such movies it wouldn’t be fair being a true fan of Bhai.

  33. People are shouting only bcoz the did not do well in boxoffice that does not mean the film is not good Jai Ho is awesome. Ticket price is too low thats why the movie collected only 17cr

  34. Jai ho movie itni achhi banayi hai ki jo bhi salman sir ke alaava kisi aor ke fan hoge unko bhi bahot hi pasand ayegi , aur kaafi strong massage hai movie main.
    JAI HO , Salman khan you are real being human , love you sir. God bless you.

  35. @Koimoi it’s a open letter to salman khan.
    sir am ur very big fan.
    i saw your interview for low collections of jai ho don’t be disappoint sir.
    it’s a brilliant movie waste people talk rubbish don’t thing this letter is from salman bhai fan

  36. if u want to see the craze for the movie jai ho, just search “jai ho malegaon” in you tube. u will not be disappointed.

  37. I Love Salman Khan. Most Power Man. sometime it’s gud to think outside the box. as far as the movie is concerned , it’s definitely a good one . nice job salman sir. i went to next Move.

  38. Dear Writer
    We are welcome , I think u may enjoy cheap david dhawan comedies like joru ka ghulam and raja babu….Jai ho is great movie with good message. best mover

  39. Dear Writer
    We are welcome , I think u may enjoy cheap david dhawan comedies like joru ka ghulam and raja babu….Jai ho is great movie with good message. best mover. But Sir New Move cooming ….
    and open data……..pZ

  40. Jai ho movie itni achhi banayi hai ki jo bhi salman sir ke alaava kisi aor ke fan hoge unko bhi bahot hi pasand ayegi , aur kaafi strong massage hai movie main.
    JAI HO , Salman khan you are real being human , love you sir. God bless you.


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