I loved the trailer of It’s Entertainment. Before you judge me, you must understand that all I saw in the trailer was the most adorable golden retriever ever. The rest of it conveniently missed my attention till I was given the troublesome task of writing the trailer review. From what I gauged, Akshay Kumar has lost his Khiladi factor to the extent that a cutesy dog gives him a run for his money. Rather literally so!

After watching the trailer of the film, I am convinced that Special 26 was either a fluke or a film that strictly followed the director’s vision. Akshay with It’s Entertainment seems to be giving his worst films Tees Maar Khan and Joker a competition so tough that the newest pile-on to his list of bad films might just want you to kill yourself. Probably Akshay Kumar fans won’t react kindly to this remark of mine and I totally understand that too, but for a person who watches films for living a trailer like It’s Entertainment isn’t any better than their worst nightmare realized.

Akshay Kumar in a still from movie 'It's Entertainment'
Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘It’s Entertainment’

It might sound like a exaggerated statement but the trailer doesn’t exactly convey an inspired story. If they have just kept the dog show going and eliminated every other actor from the trailer, there would be more takers for the film. But the debutant filmmaker duo Farhad and Sajid have written an amateurish film that from the look of its trailer reads CRAP in block letters. It should have been titled ‘It’s Crap’, but the cutesy retriever saved it.

Lines like Daddy’s Najayaz Aulad being abbreviated as DNA and ‘Jacqueline lag gaye tere life ke’ not only shows the poor thinking of those who have written the film but also questions their IQ levels. It is written in bad taste and though crass makes good moolah, this is plain distasteful which doesn’t qualify as comedy from any angle. The talking dog, who explains the working of stock market with his bark (Read bow/bhao) might allure with his endearing puppy eyes, but the horrific trailer will surely keep audiences at bay. The pooch named Entertainment conveys rightfully the real world connotation of the term. And Bollywood journalists will vouch that we all live a dog’s life watching such terrible films like this. 2014’s worst trailer is here, woof!

Watch the trailer right here:

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