Hrithik Roshan is a dance maverick and there can’t ever be any dispute over that. But the new song Raghupati Raghav from Krrish 3 is perhaps one of the most disappointing versions Bollywood has ever come with. In full intention to drag Gandhi out from his grave, the lyricist has gone all the way to butcher the soul of a hymn that is almost pristine.


The sexy dance moves that are straight out of Hrithik’s most famously done dance pieces, the problem with this track is that it is repetitive. The accomplished dancer shows us no new moves but nevertheless it is his foot tapping brilliance that is remotely engaging even when the song begins to fall apart for its awry lyrics. Priyanka Chopra is still on a sugar high from Zanjeer but she looks more bearable as she seems to have recovered fine from the latkas of Pinky! Given that her appearances on silver screens lately were scarring on us, this obnoxious song too seems to have therapeutically recuperated her.

Hrithik Roshan And Priyanka Chopra iin Krrish 3 Movie Stills
Hrithik Roshan And Priyanka Chopra iin Krrish 3 Movie Stills

Bollywood seems to be a little too inclined these days in smearing themselves with this Gandhian hymn. After being the saving grace of Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha and misused as the thumping background score for the distasteful edition of vintage classic film Zanjeer, Raghupati Raghav will be the anthem of partygoers in discotheques.

In a country where every one claims to carry high the banner of righteousness, it wouldn’t be a shock if this song is received and loved simply because of Hrithik’s popularity and Krrish’s entertainment value. Whereas content rich film face problems in getting censor’s approval simply for their volatile content.

Personally, if I could simply mute the song the video is quite a visual treat. Hrithik rocks even though he repeats his style, but the enigma of his dance moves have enough power to make this song a commercial blaze of sorts. Ethically there can be reservations arisen on how the lyricist has needlessly used Raghupati Raghav in a song where it makes absolutely no sense! So much is done to simply render rhyming couplets to the song is enough to point out how unimaginative and flat lyrics of Bollywood songs are becoming. It would have been a wiser choice using just music and Hrithik’s dance to deliver a memorabilia. The rest wouldn’t even matter for his fans and dance lovers!

However, Bollywood has been gripped by a Raghupati Ram fever and wouldn’t you want to shake to this new number from Krrish 3. Though the drool rush for Hrithik inspires me, the lyrics cripple me to limpness.

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  1. lyrics ki kami ho gayi h kya aaj?? i mean wat is dis shit … raghupati raghav raja ram .. aaj ki party nonstop party celebration tere naam.. worse than shit… Only Hrithik’s dancing is saving grace….

  2. @koimoi #krishh3song #RaghupatiRaghav.. #hritik is fab as usual in his dancing skill but the song doesn’t seems catchy enough :( #badlyric #goodchoreography #badrhythm …disappointing :( :(


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