While the world is all praises for Furious 7 doing mind blowing business in India, Koimoi Reader, Soudip, has written to us and questioned the world saying – Is Bollywood heading for a Dark Phase? Read on:

Hindi film industry which is famously known as Bollywood is one of the most influential film industries of world cinema. It perishes all the barriers that tried to stifle. Its domination over the years has only improved and subsequently it is able to dethrone all the other zonal film ascendancy over the years. The ever-growing industry not only conquered the whole country but exploring few territories in overseas also on a regular basis.


Bollywood fans who are overjoyed finding a big Indian production house name in the title credit of the very famous Hollywood film ‘Lincoln’ or weaving dreams to see the Indian flag fluttering in the soil of USA take a break please, ‘Picture Abhi Baaki hai nere dost’. The game is not that easy as a question suddenly arises ‘Is Bollywood going in the right way?’ ‘Are they first to play the game?’ etc.

Before going through it we have to know the whispering history, the hidden truth. Let’s go back to the early twentieth century(1900-1999 A.D.). European nations were dominating the world films alongside with Hollywood. Italy, France and British film industry had manifested their class.

Italy’s film was controlled by fascist party. The film they produced had soon become classic under their unique genre neo realism. It was based on the real life story and lyrics. The independent industry earned 14 time Oscars (till now highest for any foreign country) and harvested unique concepts but gradually died. Even a damage control by Mussolini did not save the industry.

Love story and poetic realism were the excerpts of French film industry, it was a self sufficient industry and the talented pool of directors enriched the soil. Now the same French industry is struggling for its existence.

Like the other two, British film industry was soaring too and it was considered as the birth place of resources and talents. Their showcase, literature and extravaganza help their mettle to fall in the top but alas, it has become a graveyard for new talents.

Now the question is why did these giants loose their grip? Why all of a sudden the champions biting the dust? It is nothing but their biggest nemesis ‘world wars’. First world war tore down the Italian Industry resources and the second one put the final nail in the coffin. After the second world war the economy of the European countries has seen a steep fall, only few chunks were given to resurrect the industries. Italy immediately died out where French film also moving down quickly before even sprout. The exiled Jews take the dominance and the French film was Jewified which made the industry crawling and creeping.

Now the Hollywood industry was unaffected of this abominable economical fall down. They immediately installed an integral system that enhanced the business to a considerable level and allowed big handful studios like Fox, MGM, Paramount to produce and distribute films over the world. The big houses were made so powerful that they could make a contact with any star, any director or any country. Their clutch became even stronger as they recovered their investment from the country itself. The gloss and money started pouring in unprecedentedly. British industry was the biggest victim of this system, they started fumbling and groping for the lost glory. Hollywood was flintily riveting the Europe and emerged as world’s biggest film industry.

Now from last few years, Bollywood also confronted the muscle power from the South Industry. The South Indian films are rocketing through the path of accomplishment and Bollywood is wrapped around the sluggish contents and lurching behind it. The satellite prices have horribly gone down, content are seldom found. Few critics are considering the period as one of Bolly’s worst ever.

The scenario took a big turn in the first week of April when a Hollywood film ‘Furious7’ took the nation by storm and left Bollywood biggies behind. The film is all set to be the first 100 crore grosser in India though we have to wait for that but the problem is different.

The immediate feedback that is muttered among the movie goers after the release of ‘Furious7’  is – ‘Is Bollywood heading for a dark phase?‘ even critics are terrified. They are counting the ominous sleepless nights and waiting for the anticipated dawn after contemplating over the release size of Hollywood’s 2015 movie schedule. Though Bollywood had a history of coming back but the horizon is looking gloomy. It is a big wake up call for the industry. I have no enmity with anyone and I want be proved wrong but a question is popping into my mind, ‘Is India next?’

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