Independence Day has always been about watching Roja or Border on television for every Indian in the last decade. But now that Bollywood has come of age, animosities and immediate concerns have changed. Patriotism isn’t synonymous with fighting at LOC J.P Dutta style anymore. It has heavier meaning and greater connotations. With Indian celebrating its 67th year of Independence, Koimoi takes a look at the renewed portrayal of patriotism in Bollywood this year.

Stories about war heroes has been dealt with in every possible way. From drama to melodrama, we’ve seen LOC, Border and even Lakshya. From the swanky freedom fighters in Rang De Basanti to The Legend of Bhagat Singh, revolutionaries too have found a special mention in our cinema. But this year, Nikhil Advani gave us a pleasant surprise with a film that will jolt you with its thrilling premise and novel idea. Dragging back to India, the man behind terror, D-Day was surreal. It is perhaps a film that will leave you mesmerized simply because this is a fantasy that every Indian would like to see true.


Travelling in local trains or shopping for festivals has never been same since terror attacks and blasts have overpowered us. It is almost a dream come true to see the man getting shot point blank. Doesn’t it almost leave by an aura of peace? D-Day‘s prowess perhaps did not translate into box office numbers. Neither do we claim the film was without faults. But still, there was a film that showed every common man the execution of a dream which will never become a reality. Here’s a salute to those unsung war heroes whose losses we never remember!

D-Day, Madras Cafe And Satyagraha Movie Poster
D-Day, Madras Cafe And Satyagraha Movie Poster

In the upcoming days, August is flooded with two promising patriotic films – Madras Cafe and Satyagraha. Beginning with the latter first, the film looks inspired from the recent Anna Hazare campaign. And I absolutely trust Prakash Jha to dish out a large scale feast from it. However, since Aarakshan, the man’s work stenches of repetitiveness resulting in the lack of an edgy factor. In fact the film’s trailer or promos too look the same so far. Somehow the lack of freshness in how Satyagraha is framed fails to spark off that bubbling patriotism that is naturally expected from a film like that. Though the title track of Satyagraha does leave me with goosebumps, we are yet to see if the film can work off the same magic yet again.

Another intriguing film this August is Shoojit Sircar’s Madras Cafe. With the film’s second trailer kicking off an adrenalin rush inside me, I simply can’t wait to watch this one. Set against the Lankan War, the film’s basic conspiracy premise is the assassination of an ex-P.M. Sound familiar? Quite inspired from real life, the film is an undercover spy thriller which is Bollywood’s rare attempt at tampering the truths presented to us on this issue. The film’s platter looks appealing and its action irresistible with John Abraham experimenting with his acting abilities by challenging himself with loftier projects! With Shootout At Wadala, critics couldn’t stop praising his zealous work and it is yet to see whether Madras Cafe manages to triumph solely on its content!

This year Bollywood has managed to diversify the prevalent notions of patriotism that Indian cinema propagates in general and has set newer benchmarks! Koimoi takes the cue to wish our reader, a very Happy Independence Day. The taste of freedom always feels good!

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