More popular as the standup comedian than as an actor, Vir Das’ out of the blue role in Revolver Rani will make heads turn. Usually known to play a good boy and the funny guy in films, the mean streak of his character is unsettling.

In an interview with Koimoi, we asked Vir Das the patent what prompted him to take up the role and he answered, “I have a very interesting role where I don’t play a very nice man. Usually I am the funny guy in films but this time I play a horrible person in the film. I play the character of a guy named Rohan. He has been in Bollywood for about four years and is doing okay. But he has always used women to get what he wants because he knows he is very good in bed. He has always used his body to get what he wants.”

Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das in a still from movie 'Revolver Rani'
Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das in a still from movie ‘Revolver Rani’


The actor continued, “Rohan basically is extremely selfish and a very manipulative person. He is an ambitious young boy from a small town with nearly zero morals. He is ready to do whatever it takes be it related to breaking the law, doing drugs, anything to get ahead and become a bigger star than what he is.”

It is highly shocking that Vir is playing a role so unlike him. He smoothly replies, “I found the character very interesting. When Sai Kabir called me up for the role, I thought he had the wrong person. I read the script and asked him if he was sure he wants me to do this. I am usually funny and nice. But Rohan is a horrible person, I didn’t like his character at all. He is someone you’ll feel offended by. Piyush was playing what he was good at, Kangana will play what she is good at and I had to play what no one thinks I am good at playing. This was the biggest challenge for me.”

Revolver Rani is a dark comedy that is all set to release on 25th April. Set in the volatile land of Chambal, Vir plays the role of Rohan Mehra who is the love interest of protagonist Alka Singh essayed by Kangana Ranaut.

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