Arjun Kapoor might be playing the Punjabi Krish in the upcoming film 2 States based on Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel of the same name, but the actor has still not read the massively loved book. In a recent interview to Koimoi, Kapoor was questioned about the book obviously because of the novel’s vast reaching popularity and to that he answered, “No I haven’t read the book. Chetan told me at the book launch ‘ab toh padh le.’ I am not a voracious reader.”


Kapoor continued, “When I was offered the film, there was already a screenplay in place. I read it and that instinctly appealed to me. It is because of my instinct I went for the film. The film isn’t quite a love story or a rom-com. Because the film begins where most rom-coms conclude.”

When Arjun took up the script of the film, he had expected a usual romantic comedy but the script obviously pleasantly surprised him. “I had thought the story will fall in the generic trap of boy meets girl and live-in-relationship with their family eventually being wooed into it. But this story had multiple layers which Chetan had brought into his story – Krish’s troubled angle with his father, his journey of appeasing Ananya’s family and the obstacle in his journey.”

Arjun Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor

Ask Arjun if he never felt inclined to read it after signing the film, he says, “When I met Abhishek (Verman) I was very excited to work on the film. I told him I am planning to read it now and he asked me not to read it. Abhishek said that since I have not read it, it is better if I find my own interpretation and perspective for Krish. He realized that Krish appealed to me and I co-related to Krish emotionally. He understood that I am in a decent space to find Krish on my own and he did not want to bog me down with this burden with the character that is written a certain way and merely needs to be recreated. May be Abhishek wanted to see what I bring to the table with Krish. He told me that he will correct if something is wrong. He loves the book a lot so he knows the characters well.”

Though the film has acquired more hype due to the lead pair’s scorching chemistry but for those who have loved the book, 2 States is much awaited for the wonderful story that is definitely not another romantic comedy but plays off the dynamics of a cultural clash and how the impending marriage of two ordinary people are affected by the same. Starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor, the film will release on 18th April.

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