Saying it thrice over isn’t enough. Humshakals makes me echo – it’s crass, it’s crass, it’s crass (dramatic pause). After the mighty super success of Himmatwala (Of course! It is a sarcasm), a better decision for Sajid Khan would be to retire off. However, the daunting man returned to inflict greater wounds on us. One look at the trailer of Humshakals, and it will infuriate you with its stupidity. We don’t expect much intelligence from filmmakers in a country where the most lame films score big bucks, but the reason why Humshakals annoyed me was for its similarity with Angoor. The latter being a Sanjeev Kumar starrer is a cult film, but Humshakals attempts at being downgraded, unpolished and outrageous copy of it.

The characters seem desperate to be funny. Doing fake voices and caricatures, it is a shame that people stoop so low to evoke a laugh that is usually not very difficult. Nothing better can obviously be expected of Khan who has repeatedly made films of that order. Probably a lesson or two from Farah Khan might help brother Sajid.

Saif Ali Khan, Ram Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh in a still from movie 'Humshakals'
Saif Ali Khan, Ram Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh in a still from movie ‘Humshakals’

The trailer opens at a mental asylum with the dialogue, “Sir hamara yakeen kijiye. Hum pagal nahin hain, naa hi hamaara dimagg kharab hai.” The start itself might want you to rewind back to a time when Sajid made Heyy Babby, which was gem infront of this.

In another scene Saif and Riteish smear butter on Ram Kapoor claiming that they are buttering him and quite literally so. When this is the level of fun awaiting us in the film, the trailer was more than enough to bear for us. Even a ton full of bhains ke doodh se bana butter won’t be enough to maska maaro this time, because Humshakals‘ trailer will exasperate you. It’s no better than trash!

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