In one look the trailer of A.R Murugadoss’ Holiday is sleek – shocking and satisfying in ever frame. However, despite the theme being a quasi-novel one in Bollywood, it is after all a remake of Murugadoss’ vernacular film Thupakki. Obviously the idea is every bit innovative in its own right and all the novelty talks can be trashed easily as long as Akshay Kumar serves to audiences gratuitous violence in the appealing platter.


When the trailer kicks off, there is a charming and perhaps predictable love story on hold for audiences. Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar’s chemistry is surely worth a million bucks. Both the lead actors don’t fit the regular dimensions of a stereotypical romantic pair and that is exactly why there is an engrossing element in their chemistry. Akshay’s straight faced look and Sonakshi’s anger ridden expression eventually leading to a gentle romantic moments has much potential in it to work.

Sumeet Raghavan and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie 'Holiday'
Sumeet Raghavan and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Holiday’

Murugadoss manages to remain commendably brisk in the trailer too. From the convincingly gentle frame brimming with love, Akshay is shown as a secret agent. Interestingly, the film revolves around sleeper cells, a concept pretty much unheard of in Bollywood. With the chases and the runs, the whams and the booms, underwater glimpses, there is more to credit the filmmaker than criticize. As forced as Akshay’s Boom and Shoot sounds, I think the actor in unmatchable in such slick parts.

It is too early to comment on any more about the film, but the engaging appeal the trailer gives can surely be attributed to the film’s attempt at including the dynamics and working of sleeper cells in an out and out mainstream commercial film. Going the repertoire of the director, expect a well-written story in Holiday. But that isn’t the crowd-pulling element the trailer exhibits. Essentially for me it is action king Akshay (trained under Skyfall‘s stunts man Greg Powell) whose delectable thrilling moves has maximum chances of stealing my heart away. Sonakshi Sinha looks different and going by her array of typical commercial cinema-ish caricature characters she has portrayed so far, I see traces of her venturing into a level that might up her standard and allow her some credibility. Murugadoss’ promise has always been a roller-coster ride. So gear up for this Holiday – full of thrill and fun.

Holiday Trailer




  1. Trailer is awesome akshay is looking dashing and this looks likes another winner for akshay I hope it is a great year for akshay just like 2012 where he delivered 4 hits.

  2. The trailer looks sleek,crisp and stylish. A good screenplay will make it a brilliant film to watch this year. I am waiting!!!


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