The sound of Hawaa Hawaai has been synonymous with Sridevi for decades now. To associate the tag to anyone or anything else is outright weird. But when you watch the trailer of Hawaa Hawaai , you are transported back to the heartwarming products of Amole Gupte. While Aamir Khan’s directorial Taare Zameen Par definitely remains more popular, the astounding innocence of Stanley Ka Dabba is just as unforgettable for me. With Hawaa Hawaai, Gupte picks up yet another intriguing theme and constructs around it a film that seems to have an intrinsic mesmeric quality ingrained in it.

The trailer is easy and breezy in equal measures. The sparkling eyes of Saqib Saleem and the overpowering innocence of Partho compliment each other from the word go. While Sushant Singh Rajput did a more rustic job in Kai Po Che training his protege in cricket, Saqib Saleem is more outgoing, more zealous and hence comes across as the trailer’s most essential forte.

Saqib Saleem in Hawaa Hawaai Movie Stills
Saqib Saleem in Hawaa Hawaai Movie Stills

The story of a slum urchin aspiring to learn an exclusive sport of skating is quite a story which has both potential and vigor. It is impossible dream especially because skating is an art reserved for the elite or the creme de le creme mostly. But Saqib reaches it out to the young child who has both the knack and the winsome quality that will make him topple the rest.

Is it a success story? Looks like it. But not all success stories are preachy. And it is not a given that films of this order will bore you to death. Neither Stanley Ka Dabba nor Taare Zameen Par made us suffer. Quite on the contrary, the film’s optimism and brimming with hope value makes you watch them repeatedly. So when the crooning “Khuli Ankhon Se Dekh Tu Sapna” comes on celluloid, we all paint our own vision of our respective dream as well.

There is nothing more pristine than the tapestry of a young mind’s dreams, and Amole Gupte once again takes us on a journey that is unlikely and impossible and yet is every bit tremendously terrific. The trailer overwhelmed me with its imaginative bent and Gupte’s tight scripts are often the reason for the most memorable films. Hawaa Hawaai promises to be an addition on Gupte’s stellar repertoire that brighten you up with its brilliance and allure you with his charm.

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Hawaa Hawaai is slated to release on 9th May 2014.

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