I will remember Happy New Year‘s trailer for many years to come. Not because it was anything out of the ordinary in terms of novelty but surely it was a spectacle one cannot miss even if they want to. This was exactly the kind of impact Superstar Shah Rukh Khan wanted to have on the audiences and the Baadshah has entered 2014 in style. The trailer is merely an ordinary one which infuses all the necessary Bollywood elements needed to make a masala film. But the gorgeous canvas is ogle worthy and the scale on which the film is mounted too is outstanding.

But does the trailer impress? In half measures. While I truly believe filmmaker Farah Khan is someone who has ingrained in her system the pedigree of Bollywood cinema and her films reflect that well, the Tees Maar Khan fiasco proves that the lady has had hiccups as well. If one remembers the little nuances of Om Shanti Om‘s first half, where Arjun Rampal asks Satish Shah to add a Manmohan Desai angle to his film, is quite a testimony of the fact that if anyone understands Quintessential Bollywood, she does!

Sonu Sood, Boman Irani, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and Vivaan Shah in a still from movie 'Happy New Year'
Sonu Sood, Boman Irani, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and Vivaan Shah in a still from movie ‘Happy New Year’

The trailer opens with a fascinating shot and then progresses into introducing ‘6 Losers’ who plot the world’s most elaborate heist. Entangling this with a dance competition is a clever thought but to execute the same is a challenge. Probably the nitty gritties of that has been reserved for the film alone, but the trailer doesn’t have many thrills as expected. Except for that one scene where SRK is performing an underwater stunt and the other which is done on a helipad, the rest have a very lukewarm impact.

The humor factor probably will work well for it. Be it Deepika’s twang that seems borrowed from Rakhi Sawant or the scene where SRK very comically reveals to Boman that they will have to participate in World Dance Championship, both had me in splits. Even the ‘Madar’… Chhod na yaar scene had me laughing. But the point of the film is to blend its humor, color, vibrance, the effervescent feel in a watchable story.

If trailers are anything to go by then the film might find it impossible to soar above average but if you prefer to forgive Farah Khan for Tees Maar Khan and believe in her like me, then Happy New Year probably has a consistent, watchable and semi-novel story to tell about how six losers participate in a dance competition and perform the world’s most wicked robbery. It appears gourmet and might just turn to be in sync with its looks and turn out delicious!

Happy New Year Trailer

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  1. It looks like paid review nothing is new at least if any tapping song was there any new dialogue was there and his can I forgive F for TMK. I can’t sorry not wasting mg time and money this time

  2. It’s not bad,it may resemble for us as below expectations because we were expecting something really thriller of somewhat a hollywood level but It looks like it has quality bollywood humour,Musically themed and the visual shown in film are top of level.It’s going to be a different bollywood movie for sure.If it have some masala action scenes then it also has many thrilling scene to look forward.I hardly thing that film would have any low scenes and for all obvious reason i think it is going to target 300 crores if all goes well.

  3. it doesnt matter……..u jst cant judge the movie from a trailor…..i m definatly going to watch the movie…kyunki picture avi baki hai mere dost !!!….

  4. I think only Abhishek Bachan looked good and funny in the trailer. But wait a minute SRK is the king khan better wait and watch before any negtv commnts. HNY ROCKZ.

    • Trailer is ok…..and Abhishek Bachan seems to be at his best once again after Dhoom3. SRK is cool like always. I am waiting fr this movie.

  5. We Indians always get excited when watching new trailers. Will break all records, etc etc. the trailer is ordinary. The visuals are excellent but that was expected. SRK will do anything for a hit. He will get 4 to 5 stars as he can’t carry any film on his own shoulders. Anyway even if the film breaks records it will not last long as Pk will release soon after.


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