To be, or not to be… is still a daunting question. But to like, or not to like can’t be. Vishal Bharadwaj’s Hiader based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet probably scores as one of his most energetic looking films till date. If the film is anywhere even close to the trailer, it will be a gem. Shahid Kapoor cavorting around with a bird-like chapeau might seem a little bizarre, but probably it was crucial to up the quirk factor in the film. The musical piece at the onset is absolutely slinky. Suffusing a strong flavor of politics, both social and sexual, the tumultuous intrigue level is kept significantly high.

Tabu defines her decision of jumping into ‘incestuous sheets’ by talking about the status of half-widows in Kashmir. She sinks her teeth into the character of Gertrude with poise, ease and dazzling perfection. Kay Kay Menon too shines as Claudius here; if you think of it he pretty much heads the bracket of actors who have the potential to play the role with such befitting keenness. A part of the brilliance here lies in the right casting and Bharadwaj has got it bang on this time!

Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in a still from movie ‘Haider’
Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in a still from movie ‘Haider’

Another beauty of the film is in its setting. While the catastrophic revenge drama Hamlet was set in Denmark which formed an integral part of the story conveying the moods and mores of the film, Kashmir too does a fantastic job in spreading the canvas correct to lay out the drama. Bharadwaj captures Kashmir at its icy best, bubbling with darkness entrapping the turbulence with vigor.

While actors like Kay Kay Menon and Tabu reign with their effortless brilliance, it is Shahid Kapoor who is sensational in every frame. “Jaan Loon Ki Jaan Doon, Main Rahoon Ki Main Nahin” is a scene that just proves the actor’s infallible prowess. He stands out brilliantly in a scene with Tabu where he says, “Maa Jab Jhooth Bole Na, Tab Nahin Acchi Lagti.” This trailer just help me fathom the inadequacy of directors who are unable to get out such performances from Shahid more frequently.

The angst and agony of the film could not have been unveiled in a better way probably. There is an unmissable oomph to the trailer which is reason enough to await the film! Come soon Haider!

Check out the trailer right here:

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  1. Being a student of English literature, i think the role of Hamlet is very difficult to play…..He is the most complicated and eerie type of a character ever created by a literary writer……Even an actor of the stature of Mel Gibson could not do justice to his role (that is my personal opinion)……It is because of the nature of hamlet’s character…..His mood varies and shifts so quickly ans so subtly that the audience is baffled by the change in his disposition…..If the director and the cast of the movie manage to do justice with the essence of the drama, it will be a great achievement by any standard…..My wished are with the team of the movie…..It was certainly a bold step to select Hamlet for cinematic presentation…..


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