There is an enchanting magic in the trailer of Gunday. It is hard to point out what about it is so spell binding, but from the teaser itself it had me awestruck. As a critic, I have complained several times over the issue that mainstream commercial cinema has become third rate in the films it shoves on us but Gunday defies the mould. Any inkling of freshness in the script is reason enough to hail it. Ali Abbas Zafar’s Gunday tryst with rendering a difference in commercial cinema can be called well-intentioned.


Set in 1970s Calcutta, the film tells the story of two friends Vikram and Bala. Irrfan Khan’s voice introducing the story is another reason why you’ll be drawn to the trailer and get intrigued. The rise of Vikram and Bala from being petty thieves to coal mafias promises to be quite a story. Picturesque shots of the Howrah Bridge and an unusual setting along with a lucid flow of the trailer, all work in favor of this latest YRF outing.

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in a still from Gunday Movie
A still from Gunday Movie

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor who don the pivotal roles in the film share an infallible chemistry. In the trailer itself, one can see them clearly impersonating a close bond they perhaps share in real life. And darn, they surely having one hell of an enjoyable time in every scene of the trailer. Ranveer Singh especially after Ramleela has managed to catch my attention with his impulsive, impromptu yet composed performance.

Priyanka Chopra, however, is a let down in the trailer for me. Though there can be no second thoughts about how resplendent she looks as cabaret dancer Nandita, I have always assumed that the actress has greater mettle than playing any man’s sidekick. Somehow, I failed to see anything extraordinary in Nandita that can be praised.

Irrfan Khan’s entry in the trailer is again a highlight point. Playing the cop, who has to take to task the miscreants Vikram and Bala, Khan has that confidence and poise to slip into any character with utter ease. Writer-Director Ali Abbas Zafar has definitely made a bold attempt of enthusing good writing, great dialogues and an unheard story in commercial cinema that is plagued with sloppiness these days. And for me, Gunday will be about one of the most matchless male-pairs of recent times -Ranveer and Arjun!

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