In middle of the delightful Dedh Ishqiya where the graceful Madhuri Dixit Nene put forth her most poised steps for the audiences, popped up a trailer quite unlike the flavor of the film. Gulaab Gang is potent and aggressive and Madhuri Dixit slips into her role, which is reminds us Rajkumar Santoshi’s Lajja. She is fiery as the leader of popular women activist social group called Gulabi Gang. What was pleasantly surprising is the diva’s versatility, shifting briskly between starkly varied characters from playing Begum Para to the leader of Gulaab Gang Rajjo.

Madhuri Dixit in a still from Gulaab Gang
Madhuri Dixit in a still from Gulaab Gang

With a lathi in her hand, Madhuri is fearful and fierce in every scene of the trailer. Given the demeanor of the actress, there is absolutely no denying that female actresses like her can single handedly shoulder a strong roles like this as if it were a cakewalk. Another interesting point to note here is actress Juhi Chawla playing a scheming politician in the film. Juhi is always known for her bubbly charm and cute smile, however, this is perhaps one of the first time she has accepted the opportunity to play a character so contrary to her real self. The actress has managed to imbibe the slyness expected from her character brilliantly.

Legend has it that archcompetitors Madhuri and Juhi have never shared screen space before, and decade after they have ran the prime time of their careers, they are back with an enthusiastic flair that must have come as a parcel with the experience they have gained over the years in their craft. The rigid onscreen chemistry between the ladies brews ferociously and none is lesser than the other is terms of enigma.

I will be pinning a lot of hopes from Gulaab Gang. It might not be pitch perfect or novel (as it is inspired from real life incidents) but it comes across as both entertaining and well-intentioned. Intense and sharp, I am expecting a blazing time this Women’s Day. In times when sexual terrorism is becoming rampant, flaming films like these should be a choice over hunky dory stories of female bonding. Gulaab Gang‘s trailer is indicative of a bold fare and I for one will definitely wait for it.

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