25 years after it last happened at the Box Office, history is all set to repeat itself. Back in 1990 when the action drama Ghayal clashed with romantic musical Dil, industry and trade was divided on how it would eventually turn out commercially for the audience. Come 15th Januray 2016 and sequel to the Sunny Deol starrer, Ghayal Once Again, would be finding itself in the same zone all over again. Yet again, it would be a clash with a romantic musical, LoveShuda, which has one film old Girish Taurani spearheading the cast.


“It may seem blasphemous to compare Aamir and Girish but let’s not forget that even Aamir was almost a newcomer when his Dil released,” a veteran producer comments, “Gap between Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Dil was a mere 26 months and Aamir had done just two films in between, Love Love Love and Tum Mere Ho, none of which was a hit. He wasn’t really a big force to reckon with back then, though no one questioned his acting abilities and he was one of the most promising youngsters of the lot. That said, presence of Madhuri Dixit and a chartbuster soundtrack contributed too for bringing in the audience, while rest was taken care of the film’s content itself. Aamir never looked back after that.”

Girish Kumar and Sunny Deol
Girish Kumar and Sunny Deol

On the other hand Girish too is arriving in almost the same manner with the gap between his debut release Ramaiya Vastavaiya and LoveShuda being 30 months. Now there is definite similarity in the genre (love story) that he has attempted with his second film. A good sign for him since the satellite release of the Prabhudheva directed musical was a huge success for its makers (Tips) as the TRPs soared in a major way.

“When Ghayal and Dil clashed, it was a clash between action and romance, and both films had done extremely well,” a trade Guru comments, “With Ghayal Returns and LoveShuda clashing, it would be back to action v/s romance in theaters. It is a coincidence of course, but a notable one for sure, something that no one can ignore.”

While the makers of Ghayal Once Again have just announced the release date, Tauranis had booked 15th January for LoveShuda almost six months back. “No one is going to back out though. Ghayal Once Again has joined the party now and they are free to do so,” an insider adds.

With both films being the first major releases of 2016, it is going to be an interesting Box Office clash for sure.




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