Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan

She rode high on her own accord without any piggybacking and today, she has turned out to be the most bankable stars in the industry, taking the girl-gang baton to pinnacles with utmost ease and comfort. While she kept showing us her Ishqiya along with the ‘Dirty Pictures’ of her Kahaani, Vidya has turned into a mammoth brand, one that has sky rocketed expectations, all of a sudden.


But with a not-so-exciting Ghanchakkar, termed average by cine goers, Vidya has not been totally shattered, she claims. “Ghanchakkar happened to be my first take on comedy and I was obviously very excited about the film. But the film was not a disaster. There were mixed reviews. I read your Koimoi review as well and I liked it. Thankfully, people did not hate it but I can see why people had problems accepting the film in totality. We did try something new and sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. You need to understand that and move on. I did just that.”

While The Dirty Picture and most notably, Kahaani crafted an edge of the seat climax, taking the audience by awe, Ghanchakkar, did earn criticisms for its lack luster bland ending. Ask this and our bombaat Neetu quickly confronts, “You can never compare Kahaani with Ghanchakkar. Both are two completely different films. I do feel that people were expecting something dhamakedaar in the end, just like it happened in Kahaani and they might have felt bad when they saw that the climax was totally simple and there was no dhamaka at all. Some people also felt it was an abrupt shot change when it was with the mother and not with me or Emraan. But that cannot be the only reason that the film did not work well. Various people had various issues. So it is very difficult to point out just one thing for the film not working as it should have.”

While her contemporaries stride on star power to route into the coveted 100 crore club, Vidya is expected to bridge that gap solely on her own accord. But Ghanchakkar was an out an out average fare of sorts. Does that pressurize Mrs Balan Roy Kapur? “It is not at all frustrating for me as an actor because I am doing the kind of work that I have always wanted to be doing and thankfully, all of that is doing very well commercially as well. The kind of roles that are offered to me are really exciting. So I am having my cake and am eating it too. My films have mostly done commercially well but the 100 crore tag is not the label for a film being good on content or anything. People have loved the films that I did and that is more than being a member of any such number clubs”

Not only has she surmounted as the industry’s biggest female star, she is Bollywood’s most powerful artist at present. But it is being an actor that satisfies her, the most, she chuckles. “I do see myself as an actor first above everything. Stardom is definitely a big payoff. But I am definitely an actor first!”, she signed off with her ever glistening smile coupled with that wacky wink!

O Balan, we love you and your films so darn much!

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  1. I knew Ghanchakkar was going to have 50% chance of doing well, it certainly wasn’t a hit but it wasn’t a disaster either. It did make enough money to recover the costs, although it didn’t make profits for the producers and distributors. That being said, Vidya is not the one behind the b.o results of Ghanchakkar and neither is Emraan. Both actors gave hit films and they just did the film for the director. Vidya worked with the director b.f on No One Killed Jessica and she did serious films before, so it’s understandable why Vidya wanted to do a film that is laid back. Likewise, the director did serious films like Aamir and NOKJ,so he decided to do something that’s fun. It’s better for the director to stick to films like Aamir and NOKJ and for Vidya and Emraan to stick to their own films that brought them accolades, but once in a while it’s ok for them to just relax and do a film for fun. Ghancakkar is certainly not worse than the Golmaals and Sajid Khan films.


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