While everyone is thinking what is the transistor exactly doing in PK, the classic equipment has created an equity and huge recall of its own. The transistor that is inseparable from Aamir Khan in the film, has been getting a lot of inquiries for the auction and sale. In fact, Anushka Sharma has been eyeing the transistor for a while now. We heard that she has already made a request to both Aamir and Rajkumar Hirani to keep it as a memento.

Aamir Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani on the sets of movie 'PK'
Aamir Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani on the sets of movie ‘PK’


Said an insider, “A lot of mediums have been approaching the makers for its auction. A lot of people have sent them a request to buy the PK transistor. An online auction site has offered Rs 1.5 crores for the transistor. The transistor was purchased for a mere Rs.227 from chor bazaar.”

But even with such an offer for the transistor Aamir has refused to part with it. The actor wants to keep it as a part of his own collection.

The insider continued, “The marketing team coaxed Aamir Khan to re-think and part with it. But he feels that something so integral and important to his character shouldn’t be given away.”

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