A Jaipur Court on Saturday recommended to the local police to file F.I.R against director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh for apparently hurting religious feelings of people in their upcoming flick Ramleela.

Advocate Pawan Sharma filed a complaint in the Magistrate Court on the basis of film’s promo that focused on the enmity between two groups divided by religious differences.

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Paukone in Ramleela Movie Stills
Ranveer Singh And Deepika Paukone in Ramleela Movie Stills

The court admitted the complaint against the film which is scheduled to hit the theaters on 15th November. An F.I.R has been filed against the maker and the actors associated, with the court giving specific directions to the police to investigate further on whether the grounds of this complaint is valid!

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  1. if anything the movie is going to show how stupid such animosities (WHICH ALREADY EXIST FYI!) are, and it’s going to advocate love between people of diff kinds because thats exactly what ram and leela do. they fall in love despite their differences.

    people really have no life and need to calm the F down. Go fix the rape situation in your country, and target the a**holes that besmirch OUR women, rather than targeting a MOVIE about LOVE. smfh!

  2. I believe these are same people who enjoyed watching Mallika Sherawat stripping, Sunny Leone stripping, Sherlyn Chopra stripping, Poonam Pandey stripping, Paoli Dam stripping etc…and guess what? Not a f**king F.I.R has been heard till now :) Double standards and hypocrisy at their best!!

  3. It was good to take action against like this. How People are goin to be innosence by knowingly or not. It does not matter how far the story is true. Its a matter about making fire with out a smoke. Now these days film makers are keeping only 1thing how to get 100crs. Despite of whatever story/songs/scenes they represent to us. They have no idea how people can get impact on that.(( specially our future(small kids)) some people could inspired like to see movies turn somebody to anybody or everybody. Film makers should take steps before measured.


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