The perennial problem with Indian sci-fi films is that they can’t seem to loosen their clutch on the legacy of crassy melodramatic films that has served as our pedigree for decades now! However, one has to comply that any good film, no matter which genre it belongs to, has to be story driven more than being a tapestry of technical fantasy. But with Krrish 3, the makers seem to be on the wrong foot ever since its conception! With the trailers and posters all directing towards a conventionally usual story line, there is no denying that the film looks stellar for being able to create spectacular awe striking technical moments!


From the release of the film’s trailer, the makers have constantly promoted Hrithik Roshan and the character of Krrish. In the trailer too, the focus was maintained on the superpowers of Krrish. With Kaal, Kaya and Priya making a glimpse of an appearance each in the trailer, it wasn’t hard to tell that the makers obsessively flaunted their slick technical word gratuitously. The nail digging moments and edgy thrills will only make an impact when the film remains grounded in good story!

Hrithik Roshan in Krrish And Krrish 3 Movie Poster
Hrithik Roshan in Krrish And Krrish 3 Movie Poster

Critics have panned and ridiculed Koi..Mil Gaya based on accusations of it being a rip off of popular Hollywood film E.T, but still the film worked because it was well rooted in emotional content. Similarly Hollywood’s latest superhero offering Man Of Steel fared well despite the somber ambiance simply because of a powerful backstory involving Kryptonian codex et al. Borrowed or not, a good film works mightily only when it offers to the audiences something worthwhile to latch on to!

Krrish too was well received by the audiences, but the film was again plagued with severe conceptual shortcomings and focused too much making the stunts delectable. Krrish 3 has ample chances of turning into a true-to-the-sense sequel that will carry forward the flaws of its predecessor. Inclining heavily on the technical side, the film from its trailer seemed to lack both story and emotional connect and seemed unimpressive personally!

Elaborate action and leaping Superheroes work only when the story is exquisite but Krrish 3 has every intention to create havoc with a storyline that seems just as amateurish as the prequel. Filled with pathetic songs in its atrocious album, with little support from the informed plotline, the film’s skeletal has little meat to be able to draw from.

Koi…Mil Gaya, despite the criticism belted on it, can flaunt a few very emotional hilts that the film rested on – Rohit’s relation with Jaadu, his tender angle with Nisha and the delicate tug with his mother. Krrish to a certain extent also had managed to dish out a feeble version of the same! But Krrish 3 some how hasn’t so far evoked a promising love angle (all thanks to the dull songs) or the brutal animosity and the ferociousness of an apocalypse it would presumably have.

In India, perhaps the only reason why someone would even attempt watching Krrish 3 is because the effort is magnanimous as well as commendable given a dearth of such films in our country. Also Hrithik Roshan plays Krrish with a brilliantly fantastic style and strength. However, it would be safe to bank less on a film that not only has a trailer that doesn’t give a hint of its story – but has characters named Rhinoman, Antman and Cheetahwoman. The impact so far has been too pale to linger or to draw one closer to the superhero. So far I’ve gathered it to be simply an infomercial for VFX and that isn’t remotely flattering!

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  1. Also in the last para you wrote “However, it would be safe to bank less on a film that not only has a trailer that doesn’t give a hint of its story – but has characters named Rhinoman, Antman and Cheetahwoman. The impact is too pale to have a lingering feeling that will draw one closer to the superhero, otherwise it will simply be a infomercial for VFX!”

    You seriously have a problem with a movie giving no hint about it’s story in the trailer, really? Nowadays majority of filmmakers are giving full story of their movie in the trailer itself and people are hating that. Take the trailer of “BOSS” for example. The onl reasn wh somebody would now go to watch the movie is to enjoy the action and watch the drama wnfold as we have already got a sense of what the story will be like.
    Then you go on to talk about the names of the characters. Your tone sounds so similar to the compulsive haters and trolls who are against this movie, but anyhow if names did mattered then we would have never got the most acclaimed movie of the past few years in 3 Idiots. Remember the villain’s name was Viu Sahastrabuddhi and Aamir’s was Ranchhordas Shyamaldas Chanchad for the better part of the film and then it was revealed that it was actually Phunsuk Wangdu. Now you see, Names have nothing to do with the fate of a film. If it has the mettle then it will become a hit anyhow.


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