When the film is called Dishkiyaoon, you automatically have a glimpse of the ambiance you are about to venture into. There is Harman Baweja, well he is  still doing his best to match up to Hrithik Roshan in terms of talent as much as he resembles the Greek God in looks. But alas, the trailer was one doomed show expecting to deliver an interesting crime opus of sorts.


There is Sunny Deol to aide and with his perfectly done Jatt-diction and the intensity with which he smashes chest and thrashes bones is what makes his charisma even after so many years remain relentless.

Harman Baweja in a still from 'Dishkiyaoon'
Harman Baweja in a still from ‘Dishkiyaoon’

The trailer was quasi impactless and dismally limp to say the least. With such a powerful mileu around, the trailer exhausts its charisma over its run time. Had it not been for Sunny Deol, one would have excessive trouble to hold on to the trailer. Baweja is repetitive and even after years since the shameful Love Story 2050 work, he gives us no unusual perks to us to watch his film.

It’s only the Hariyanvi action dude Lakwa played by Sunny Deol that is worth looking at. It won’t be incorrect to spell out that Sunny walks away with Harman’s thunder.

Presence of potent actors like Prashant Narayan also gives hope for this film, but overall it was extremely unimpressive in terms of impact it leaves and highly frail in terms of content it presents, giving us spits of interesting granules to appease from time to time. Though, a trailer is barely indicative of the film’s quality and in this case we hope the film has better gems in hold for us.

Check out the trailer right here and share with us your views on the same:

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