Dhoom 3‘s new released song Malang that is Bollywood’s most spectacular track till date was indeed a task for its actors. While Katrina Kaif needed rigorous work on her gymnastic skills, Aamir Khan had to be put on medication. The song was shot at a height of 80 ft and he was to rotate 60 times in a minute for the same. The song was choreographed such that most of Aamir’s moves were to be executed mid-air.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Twirling at the height constantly started making Aamir feel giddy. Perfected over many practice sessions did not help Aamir either as the actor began feeling giddy in his aerial shots, suffering from vertigo. It needed the actor medication from the doctor on the sets to be able to perform that song with ease.

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  1. I know that Dhoom3 will break the record this year of all the movies including chennai express, krish3 and ram leela! Best of luck Amir!

  2. nothing great about Malang Audio track. sounds so sufi and at the same time a 90’s kinda track which goes same to dhoom machale. it’s a good idea by the makers not to release the audio before the release of the movie it will only screw up the business of the movie. but go to see, even with bad audio tracks Krrish3 did wonders. now Dhoom is only afraid cuz of dhoom franchize which by default should have great songs.

  3. a biggest crap of the year.surely overseas people will reject it like krrish3.that’s why krrish3 can’t go more than 363cr.and now watching at the overexpression through out the trailor and 90’s crapiest dance moves will made dhoom3 the biggest dissapointment.it doesn’t deserve to touch 200cr however it can’t touch krrish3.so better forget about 3idiots.and huge distant dream to even think about the film CE.this time amir fans can’t save his hero from danger.after this all his films will just be a hit or flop.because his next movie is peekay which will earn much more less than dhoom3 because raj hirani didn’t steal it’s story from the writer chetan bhagat.so it’s the last film to judge amir’s career.this old midget not at all suits for this stylish series.however YRF will rescue amir this time otherwise all amir fans have a fear that this one will not like another talash their mr.perfaketionist.lol.

  4. all knows CE remains at 1st position,even if a great effort by krrish3 by getting double free run,more screen,fake BO collections,good songs than dhoom3 also didn’t surpass 3idiots.now looking at the biggest joke that is the mr.perfaketionist this movie can’t close near to YJHD.CE’s record only will broke by HNY next year.it’s not so easy to come near 400cr.lol.

  5. SSS you seem to be PR of Shah Rukh Khan. However your comments doesn’t make any difference to Aamir Khan fans. You can post as many comments as possible. But the fact remains that Aamir does not repeats himself they way SRK does.

    In every second movie he romances thinking that he is so charming. But every one knows that he looks way older than Aamir and Salman.

  6. even amir did dil chahta hai film’s steps in this song,this is a different thing done by amir for his fans.don’t show your stupidity to this world.because the world knows much better than you who is best.by the way look amir in talash,sallu in dabang2,ETT and SRK in JTHJ,CE.you will find the answer.bloody south Indian dubbing artist knows their position.even after some days amir fans will say ghajini is a different film that never been produced before.crapiest star’s crapiest fans.ok we are waiting and seeing upto which extent dhoom3 will go.after that your hiding days will start even if amir gets 30 days free run.KING KHAN’S name is enough to tremble your stars.

  7. hey @jae,it’s you amir fans who unnecessarily post comments during SRK’s every film before release.I know truth is bitter but digest it south Indian dubbing artist’s fans.

  8. hey @jae,it’s you amir fans who always post negative comments unnecessarily during before release of every SRK’s film.yes SRK is the most charming actor in bollywood the world says it.he has a lot better look than the two fat sallu and midget amir having old fat swelling body and face with unnecessarily angry look.
    also @jae,you said a good joke,amir never repeats.then from where ghajini came?when amir’s all 90’s love story film flopped,then he retarded to do romantic movies,then he all the time play unnecessary crap deshbhakti wala movie.

  9. Pata nahi buddha ko kya hogaya hai 50 sal ke umar may satiyagaya hai
    aacha hota agar rajpal yadav ye movie karta katrina key sath

    doom machalee YRF ko dubalay….
    action movie nahi comedy movie banaley..
    srif 30 CR ka business karaley

    Halwa hai kya…..biggest flop of the year

  10. absolutely desh bhakti,south remake film banate banate buddha pagal ho gaya hai.abhi dil chahta hai film’s step dikha raha hai.but everybody knows “pappu can’t dance saala”.ees film o dekhke lagta hai YJHD ki record bhi nahi tod payega.


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