The first full length trailer of Dhoom:3 can best be summed up in one word – breathtakingly phenomenal. Living up to the prodigious hype fabricated around it, the film’s trailer topples over both its previous editions to be marked as ace. The trailer shows a flair of moving beyond the regular chase, action and explosion to hint at something more edgy and gripping.


However, it again isn’t entirely faultless. In the first instance of watching the trailer, you’ll be reminded of Louis Leterreir’s recent film Now You See Me. It would again be erroneous to term the film’s premise as unoriginal merely on the basis of its first glance, but the resemblances between them is both uncanny and unmissable.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom:3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom:3

Dhoom:3 trailer at its run time of 2.46 minutes is slick along with a zestful doze of visual confetti added to it. The good bit for the audiences is that the action-drama has escalated the franchise’s level notches higher than what was expected of it. The energy is inexplicably high and fascinating. One cannot even doubt the marvel of fabulous action pieces that it will entail, however, the presence of Aamir Khan is enough for audiences to hope that this one won’t be just a young man’s wild wet dream but something way more content driven.

There were many disappointing bits in the trailer. Luckily Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra have been kept aside for good, Katrina Kaif could have been given a loftier introduction than somersaulting in air!

If you consider this a through and through Aamir trailer, it is near perfect. Packed with an emotional flashback moment, Mr. Perfectionist does the dazzling heists with an unbeatable neatness easily surpassing the previous Dhoom antagonists.

Dhoom:3 pitches a colossally ameliorating standards for Bollywood which is settling in for customary, run-in-the-mill clutter of films. Despite sniffing a lack of novelty, in its jumps from terrace scene to its bike crashing stunts, the trailer multiplied my expectations from the film manifolds. Its top notch action and embellishing stunts are so unabashedly satiating that the lack of originality can easily be missed! My last note would be – it was hard to take my eyes of the trailer, and I am expecting something unbeatably enigmatic from the film too.

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  1. But ‘Now you see me’ was released this year only
    And D3 have started shooting in 2012 itself.
    Haters Gonna Hate.


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