Madhur Bhandarkar confessed at the recently held trailer launch of his film that ‘Calendar Girls‘ is inspired from Vijay Mallya & Deepika Padukone. Known for making realistic & hard-hitting films like Corporate, Fashion, Traffic Signal, Chandni Bar, Page 3, Bhandarkar quoted that,”We have taken inspiration from a lot of people like Vijay Mallya… Who launches calendar every year. I share good relationship with him. Deepika (Padukone) who herself was a calendar girl.”


He further added, “When I flipped the pages of calender (launched by Mallya) I was intrigued to know more about them… How it gives them a platform to get noticed. I did speak to Vijay (Mallya) that I am making a film like this. I plan to show him the film,” during the trailer launch.

Deepika Padukone, Vijay Mallya and Calendar Girls movie poster
Deepika Padukone, Vijay Mallya and Calendar Girls movie poster

Madhur Bhandarkar said that the 75% of the film is based on real life & 25% is fiction. The trailer of the movie shows the journey & struggle of ‘Calendar Girls‘ in their personal & professional life, their link ups with sports personalities & dark side of the glamorous industry.

Madhur Bhandarkar clarified, “Every profession has good and bad sides. I am not being judgmental. The film is just the ice berg there are things that I can’t show.”

The film is set to release on 25th September, 2015.




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