When posters of Tamil version of D-Day were unveiled, director Nikhil Advani and actress Shruti Haasan were shocked. There were two reasons for that. First and foremost the film was re-titled as ‘Dawood’, something that didn’t go down well with Nikhil as he had all through avoided any reference to the man in question. Secondly, Shruti found herself placed in the posters with her bed scenes with Arjun Rampal gaining prominence.


There was quite some to and fro that happened immediately after, what with Shruti even contemplating a legal recourse. She had immediately tweeted, “I am not associated with the Tamil version of D Day — this matter is under legal consideration at the moment.’’ On the other hand Nikhil too was unhappy over the developments. He said – “I am shocked and disappointed to learn about the irresponsible way in which my film D-Day is being released in Tamil. We have not been consulted by the exploitation rights holders on making alterations to the marketing material and the Tamil version of the film being titled as ‘Dawood’ is mischievous and misleading. We are examining the matter and may be forced to act legally.”

D-Day Movie Poster
D-Day Movie Poster

As per sources close to Nikhil, he reacted because ever since the release of D-Day, he was been given protection to safeguard him from any physical assault. He feared that the revival with a misleading titled like Dawood could only worsen a situation that seemed to have come under control.

However, now in fresh developments, co-producers DAR Motion Pictures have issued a statement, as per which Nikhil and his company (Emmay Entertainment) were completely aware of the distribution deal. Also, steps have been already initiated by DAR to rectify the situation. Also, D-Day’s distribution MOU for Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages across India was shared with Nikhil via email and multiple conversations.

Also, with regards to the misleading creatives being placed in the market, DAR has addressed the issue with the distributors and worked with them to ensure that all the said inappropriate posters were pulled out and the title restored to the original D-Day. As for the breach of artist contract (with regards to Shruti Hassan), DAR stated that it was no way legally obliged to go through any consultation with them as all Artist contracts, especially lead actors, was directly entered into by Nikhil Advani and the artists.

While stressing on the need for amicable resolution of the issue, DAR is said to have been contemplating a legally recourse of their own w.r.t. defamatory action and breach of contractual terms by Nikhil.

On his end, Nikhil too is looking at a close to this matter, what with a win-win situation being gained due to titled being changed back to ‘D-Day’ and misleading posters being off the walls.

He said, “Rather than prolong this discussion with replies, we are glad to learn that steps are being taken by the concerned persons/ entities to restore the original art and title of our film D-DAY. This reassurance must turn to action so that the creative interests of talent like Shruti Hassan and the film’s creators are respected and remain protected.”

Here is hoping this is indeed an end of this imbroglio and all concerned parties go back to work constructively on their future assignments.

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder




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