Creature 3D‘s trailer is no marvel, no masala. It isn’t a Kick that people will go gaga about but by Vikram Bhatt standards, the trailer is passably decent. Let’s not get into the freshness of its premise, there is nothing refreshing in it. Set in the heart of a forest (yet again), the only twist in this tale is the presence of a beast instead of a supernatural object. When Koimoi had spoken to Vikram Bhatt regarding the background of the Creature we learnt from him that he is based out of mythology.

Bipasha Basu in a still from movie ‘Creature 3D’
Bipasha Basu in a still from movie ‘Creature 3D’


If you sell Creature 3D as a horror film, it won’t work. Simply because it isn’t a horrifying sight. Since I had the luxury of watching the trailer in 3D, I was quite impressed with the use of technology in a lot of crucial places. Expect the regular Bollywood horror fare: creaking doors, foggy hill station shoots and the macabre ambiance but if the scientific bit of the sci-fi turns out to be even remotely engaging, the film will score.

Bipasha with her experiences of two Raaz-es has quite mastered the role of playing the freaked out damsel in distress. But in this film she indulges in a violent face-off with the Creature. Now to call him Creature is somehow amateurish. There is very little background to the beast in the trailer and that doesn’t give out a good first impression.

The ominous mood lacks the desired impact simply because of the lack of a single glimpse of the creature whoever or whatever it is. It is a half baked trailer that relies solely on 3D to the do the trick!

Catch the trailer right here:

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