No, we don’t mean he actually is a South Indian or hails from the Kanyakumari angle, but many a times, relevantly in some iconic Shah Rukh Khan films; we have been testament to the immense South Indian flavor gaining momentum.


Although Chennai Express, too does not have the actor essaying the role of a South Indian, yet the immense connect to the idli-dosa and the upma have grabbed eyeballs.

With less than a month left for the Chennai Express to unleash its mighty force on the masses, we explore the different South Indian connections that networked few of Shah Rukh’s memorable flicks and how!

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Dil Se:

Mani Ratnam’s pioneering piece based on the backdrop of the Hindu-Muslim feud, Dil Se was known for the brilliant spectacle of having B-town’s Badshah shake more than just his legs to a Chhaiya Chhaiya atop a running train. But more so, it was the soulful and extremely melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar that added more gravitas to a film which hinged on a cumulative South Indian backdrop. With Jiya Jaale and debutante Preity Zinta’s bubbly Keralite character adding verve to the film, Dil Se attacked audiences with the right blend of boldness and fervor.

Plus the additional scenic and artistic frames of Kerala form a huge relevance to the Jiya Jaale number, which also carried the Malayalam flavor in its lyrics.

Om Shanti Om:

Trodding back to a film that revamped the ‘80s gharana and was a brave testament to the polka dots and the bell bottoms at a time when contemporary was considered classic, Om Shanti Om set new benchmarks for films, portraying a certain period of the past. Clearly full of a dash of the glamour and the gliteratti, SRK-Farah’s coalition had Shah Rukh donning the typical South Indian masala avatar in one of the pro-active scenes. In a scene to woo starlet Deepika Padukone, SRK pretends to be an actor battling against all odds. Here the obstacle being a toy tiger! Amidst a lot of tarka and masti ka dhishoom dhishoom, SRK, the newly evolved star won his way to glory. Call this scene bad and our witty actor will scream back: Yanna rascala, mind it! With his disarming candour, we agree!


SRK’s magnanimous piece of superhero flick that was overloaded with new-age techniques and advancements created a niche for itself in the international arena. With a Bollywood film going global distances, SRK had been inventive of a futuristic genre that might captivate the entire nation someday. Essentially unlike Dil Se or Om Shanti Om, SRK’s humane character in the film, Shekhar Subramaniam was a Tamilian by heart. From having dollops of khatti dahi in everything he had, including the Chinese noodles, SRK’s depiction of a Tamilian was pitch perfect. The mannerisms and the maneuvers were a big thumbs up. Not just that, the chartbuster of the year, Chhammak Chhallo too carried some brilliant South Indian flavor piled on, courtesy the delicious Hamsika Iyer sharing centrestage with Akon!

Chennai Express:

A film that is typically not so SRK-ish but too much of a Rohit Shetty trademark ishtyle-ised flick, Chennai Express is definitely SRK’s first tryst with complete South Indian ethnicity, to be precise. From the backdrops to the dialect to the ambience, everything is oh-so-South Indian. Plus the perfect dichotomy of sorts between SRK and his beloved Deepika stands as the major USP of this action comedy. While Deepika sizzles in her Tamilian accent playing Meena Lochini to the tee, SRK’s lungi dance is the one to watch out for.

The Munnar tea hills, the backdrops, the Kathakali, The Elephants, the Pulikali and the Kalaripayattu screenings in the Kashmir tu main Kanyakumari song echo the essence of the South Indian flavor that we are about to gorge on. Not to forget Balasubramaniam’s Tamilain tinge to the title song, the interlude to the rapchik 1234 Get on the Dance Floor song and the obvious Tamil lines from the Titli number that helps the film notch up a few more levels. Deepika’s Bharatnatyam is breathtaking and a show stealer in the 2 minute video of the lovely romantic number that was unveiled a few weeks back.

All in all, with SRK all set to bring romance and action onto our platters in true entertaining methods, we are just Falling in Love with CE, the Rohit Shetty ishtyle!

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  1. well srk is doing a complete commercial entertainer for the first time since OSO.
    lets hope it breaks many records.

  2. Rohit Shetty will direct yet another nonsense movie which is an insult to the viewer’s intelligence. Entertainment can be served with a combination of good film making examples being Munnabhai series and 3 Idiots. You don’t need to serve out trash like golmaal series, son of sardar, body guard type of films. About Mr Shahrukh Khan, well it’s time he starts doing meaningful roles. Even Khiladi Akshay Kumar is now doing quality films like Oh My God and Special 26. Films like RA one, Jab tak Hai Jaan and surely Chennai Express will further derail his career. May be its time for him to take refresher course in acting from Farhan Akhter for his outstanding, award worthy act in BMB.

    • limit of idiotism coz u cant respect sm1’s experiment based on graphics which must hav made every indian proud….. not evn yash ji……… so cant expect anythng else frm devilliars


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