Chaar Sahibzaade Movie Poster
Chaar Sahibzaade Movie Poster

Chaar Sahibzaade has entered its sixth week and is practically the only success story since the release of Happy New Year. Even though quite a few other star studded affairs have struggled in the weeks gone by, Chaar Sahibzaade, an animated Punjabi film by filmmaker Harry Baweja (Qayamat, Dilwale, Diljale, Deewane) has been finding audience with every passing week. With the shows of the film being retained and many more crore being added to the kitty of this underdog blockbuster of the season, there are quite a few records being created.


Here is presenting some of the incredible facts pertaining to the film:

1. Highest rated Feature Film of 2014 on (9.7), ahead of films like Interstellar (8.9) and Gone Girl (8.4), globally.

2. Highest rated animated film of all time on (9.7) beyond Lion King (8.5) and Spirited Away (8.6) in over 5,000 votes.

3. First film which was running in over 82 screens in Punjab, 150 screens in India and 125 screens overseas in its 5th Week (and still on)

4. Highest Grossing Animation film in India (including all Hollywood Films), breaking record of top grosser Tin-Tin in India.

5. All Time Top Grosser in Canada of Indian Feature Films, ahead of even Dhoom 3

6. All time Third top grosser in Australia- New Zealand after 3 Idiots and Dhoom 3.

7. All time Top 5 grosser in UK across All Indian Feature films

8. All time Top 5 grosser in USA across All Indian Feature films.

9. All time Highest grosser in many unconventional territories like Philippines, Sweden, Singapore etc.

10. Running in over 30 countries, like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Singapore, Malyasia, Hongkong, Thailand, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain and many more.

11. Highest per screen average than any other Indian Film overseas.

12. Highest Grossing Punjabi Language Film of All Time.

13. House full shows even in the 5th week all over the world

14. In cinemas, shows being doubled and quadrupled with increase in demand by the hour.

15. Demand in South India in Second Week for English subtitle version.

16. First week single screen terms have been carried forth in 5th week for the first time.

17. Audiences applied for Tax Free in states like, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi.

When contacted, Harry Baweja said, “I am overwhelmed at the response my film Chaar Sahibzaade has received. I am thankful to Waheguru for giving me the guidance, courage and strength for standing up against all odds while making this film!”

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