It is now the turn of Calendar Girls to face the heat. While his five beauties are bringing on the heat for screen, Madhur Bhandarkar has to do a lot more to ensure that all the fire is doused off the screen where he is fighting a battle with the Censor Board. The factor that is proving to be troublesome? The language bit. This, when the film has been granted an A certificate, albeit without cuts.

still from movie 'Calendar Girls'
still from movie ‘Calendar Girls’


“Madhur thought that when a film has been certified only for adults, why to mute the words,” informs our source, “The Censor board, which is already coming down heavily on anything with even a semblance of cuss words, is not particularly impressed with some of the words that are mouthed by Madhur’s girls. While their conversations are peppered with words like ‘bit$h’, ‘wh$re’ and ‘fu$k’, there are others who are merrily using words on the lines of ‘saa!a’, ‘saa!i’ and ‘har$$mi’. It is unacceptable for the Censors and that’s the message which has been passed on to Madhur.”

They were reasonably fair on the visual content though, despite the fact that the presence of five supermodel characters translates into liberal dose of skin show. While that coupled with the bold content of the film meant that an A certificate was pretty much for the calling, the muting of words pretty much surprised Bhandarkar as he couldn’t see it coming.

No wonder, Madhur is now thinking of approaching the revising committee.

“Yes, Madhur is giving this a serious thought,” the source adds, “He respects the Censor Board decision on the A certificate for the film due to its build content and sensual appeal. However, for a mature adult audience, he feels that language should not be a problem since it goes well with the narrative. There has to be reasonable tolerance around that.”

The meeting could happen sometimes next week as Madhur is looking at building a strong case with good reasoning around that. We tried hearing from him further on the specifics but he was unavailable for comments. Perhaps he would now speak straight with the revising committee before a final call if taken!

Till then, his Calendar Girls would have to wait.




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