​Bobby Jasoos‘ Trailer is nothing like Sherlock Holmes ​or even touches close to Arthur Connon Doyle’s masterpiece that is the pioneer of detective genre. But for Vidya Balan alone this film seems decadent. She dons myriad shades, disguises and looks, with her multiple stints every bit believable in each of her myriad stints. A small town girl aspiring to become a detective makes for quite an unlikely story surely, but the trailer banks solely on Vidya Balan and her stature as a brilliant actress to win hearts of the audiences.

I wouldn’t say that the story seemed feeble. It surely did not and has enough heart to it. Bobby doesn’t want to awe the world but merely wants to realize her tender dreams and please her father probably. But the trailer surely doesn’t impress you in one shot. It takes a while to grow on you. As impressive as I think Vidya looks in every disguise of her, the film’s plotline has been reserved for the film itself. Staying true to its detective set up.

Vidya Balan in a still from movie ‘Bobby Jasoos’
Vidya Balan in a still from movie ‘Bobby Jasoos’

Bobby’s small time cases wrap up when she is given a big assignment of finding a missing girl. But it turns out that the case is more complicated than what it seems. Probably Bobby fails being righteous in her overpowering zeal to prove that she is a top notch jasoos.

Keeping it very basic, the trailer wasn’t exactly thunderous. But Vidya’s earnestness is visibly assuring. The Hyderabadi twang isn’t difficult to miss and as Ali Fazal describes her, one cannot help but wonder how will the unlikely pairing work on the romantic front. I hope it is just the deliberate garb of an ordinary trailer of a film that has better material than what the trailer allows us to delve into.

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