It’s Thalaiva Rajinikanth’s birthday and Koimoi wishes him a very Happy Birthday! Celebrating his 64th birthday today, the legendary actor even has a new release Linga hitting the theaters today. Rajinikanth- the god of South Indian cinema, is worshiped by people and has attained godly status in its true sense. From being a simple bus conductor, today  he  has became one of the most admired, renowned faces among the film industry.


Rajinikanth has created his own style and  the way he walks, talks, the way he flips and wear his glasses, the way he plays with a coin and the way he pops his cigarette in his mouth is what is loved by the masses.

Rajinikanth in a still from movie 'Sivaji'
Rajinikanth in a still from movie ‘Sivaji’

Here are top 20 world class fighting scenes done by Rajinikanth:

The ‘Kada’ Fight Scene

The ‘Ninja’ Fight Scene

The ‘Matrix’ Fight Scene

The ‘Dho Ke Nichod Dena’ Scene

The ‘Bullet Proof Chain’ Fight Scene

The ‘Panjaa Hand’ Fight Scene

The ‘Lathi Charge’ Scene

The ‘Robot’ Fight Scene

The ‘Gair Kanooni’ Fight Scene

The ‘Dramatic’ Fight Scene

The ‘Main Akela- Sher’ Fight Scene

The ‘Smoking With Attitude’ Fight Scene

The ‘Imaan’ Fight Scene

The ‘Popat- Banaya’ Fight Scene

The ‘Bade Aaram se’ Fight Scene

The ‘Hukkum Ka Ekka’ Scene

The ‘Mere Pass Hai Bhagwan Ki Sakhti’ Scene

The ‘Apun Ka Bihari Gunda Style’ Scene

The ‘Horse-Riding Vs Biker’ Fight Scene

The ‘Stick Se Dandiya’ Fight Scene

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