Boman Irani tweeted about Bhoothnath Returns and has rightly said that Amitabh Bachchan is a colossus of energy. At the age of 70 years, Big B seems to be getting more enthusiastic about his films, playing riskier roles with a never seen before flair. He was pitch perfect as the adorable Bhoothnath we saw in the film’s last edition. Sincerely superb in every slide, Bachchan seems to put through his riveting best once again. The trailer is definitely formulaic, but the childishness in it is heart warming-ly innocent, which is why this works.

Following from Bhoothnath’s tryst with baby Banku, he goes up to heaven and becomes the laughing stock for all because of failing to scare off the child. While the last film went on Baghban’s lines post interval, this time the makers seem decided on keeping the sappy and incommodious vein out of the film’s contours. Bhoothnath is sent to earth to rectify his flawed image as a Bhooth, entrusted with the task of scaring young kids.

However, the Banku tale is repeated as this time Bachchan finds another ‘chota bomb’ to befriend. The young poor boy from a local Mumbai slum is effortlessly sensational. When Bhoothnath tells him, “Main Bhooth Hoon”, he reverts with the uproarious, “Aur Main Chudail Hoon. Shaadi banayein Kya?” Besides the punchlines, Bachchan and his young co-actor do the iconic Big B moves and well they are superbly done.

Amitabh Bachchan in a still from movie 'Bhoothnath Returns'
Amitabh Bachchan in a still from movie ‘Bhoothnath Returns’

However, it isn’t all about the camaraderie that Big B shares with his little friend. The tension point of the story is the background it is set in. Corrupt Politician Boman Irani’s scheming ways force Bhoothnath to stay back and fight the Lok Sabha Elections. Sanjay Mishra’s straight faced humor comes handy in one scene here where he divulges the pre requisites of the candidates who are eligible for elections. They must atleast be 25 years of age and belong to Indian Nationality. However, whether they must be living is not a mandatory clause it seems as the trailer signs off with the announcement that ‘Bhoothnath ne election ke liye parcha bhara hai’ and peels of laughter afterwards.

Like it prequel, it might sound outrageously silly but has every element of being endearing and extremely watchable. There is a line in the trailer which says ‘Trailer Hit toh Picture Hit’, and well yes, this trailer goes notches above just a mere hit. At 70, Bachchan is just getting gustier and we are loving him eve more for it.

Check out the Bhoothnath Returns trailer right here:

Bhoothnath Returns Trailer

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