Recently a new still from Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming drama Happy New Year was revealed and we could not help but find it having a striking resemblance to the RamLeela poster. Well, while the lady love – Deepika Padukone in both stories looks absolutely stunning, the question is with whom does she sizzle in the quintessential Bollywood pose of ‘Baahon Mein’.

Debuted opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om and post that after giving another superhit like Chennai Express last year, the Deepika-SRK jodi is surely a hit one. On the other hand, the steamy chemistry between Ram and Leela of Ramleela too was irresistible on-screen and sparked off rumors about something cooking off-screen too.

Still from movie 'RamLeela' and 'Happy New Year'
Still from movie ‘RamLeela’ and ‘Happy New Year’


Well, that’s surely a tough one, but we would still like your opinion on the same! So, whom do you like Deepika with – SRK or Ranveer?



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