Call it Ranbir Kapoor’s superstar magic or charm Au Abhinav Kashyap, the man who created the overwhelming height of Dabangg, but trade reports suggest that Reliance Entertainment’s upcoming flick Besharam already has high price quotes for its theatrical rights.

Apparently, Besharam’s theatrical rights have been estimated to be in the range of 100 crores to 125 crores INR.

Given that Ranbir’s last outing Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has been quite a hit in both India as well as overseas, the young Kapoor lad is already carving his name as one of the industry’s most top notch actors. With his upcoming film’s theatrical rights quoted for such a high number, it is evident that the actor is one of Bollywood’s most sought after stars as on today.

Ranbir Kapoor Besharam Movie Poster (Ranbir Kapoor Besharam Movie New Poster)
Ranbir Kapoor Besharam Movie Poster

It is not solely the Ranbir magic but also there are high expectations from Abhinav Singh Kashyap given the rose to stardom with his debut stint Dabangg! However, the official figures of Besharam’s theatrical rights isn’t out yet, but if sources are to be believed the film will be a pricey affair!

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  1. Kaun hai yaaar ye ranbirWhoKapoor…this guy is taking public for a ride…he is just a few Films old…his last film was a fluke..he is oversmart,over-priced,over-rated…look at the Khans,Hrithik Roshan,Akshay Kumar,Ajay Devgan..they have been in it for good part of 20-22 yrs.(Well, Not Hrithik maybe)..u just cant count this one-hit wonder with the Legends..

    • Don’t burn dear!…what SRK, Salman or Aamir’s movie has earned at the age of 47-48, Ranbir is doing better than that at 30….and 1 film??….wtf?….look at Barfi, Wake up Sid….and in terms of acting he’s miles ahead of that joker Salman….maybe Srk and Aamir’s better….but still he’s already a superstar by his own right….or else just deny, suck your thumb and see his success….Cheers! :)

  2. Beta RANBIR KAPOOR is the baap of SRk…he is the new KING of bollywood…250 crores to guranteed hai Besharam se….Jo kaam SRK 50 saal ki age mein kar raha hai wohi kaam Ranbir 30 ke age mein attain kar chuka hai

  3. Yjhd worked because of summer vacations and post ipl period everybody knows that. Yjhd was a below average film mostly seen by his fanboys.

  4. zahid ali bhai baap baap hota h beta beta hota akhir ranbir shika to srk se he na muje nhi lagta besharam movie chennai express ka record tod payegi bcoz only 1 king of the world only 4 srk

  5. i watched besharam trailer i don’t like at all.not becoz chulbul comment coz it does not excite me at all.flop movie sure

  6. one superhit movie cannot decide an actor’s capability… amitabh ji hav 45 yrs of experience in hindi cinema khans hav 20+ thn how can u compare a hardly 10 movies hold actor wid legends… his movies r gud but nt excellent to be compared wid veterans… n those who r saying ki srk or salman jo 50 ki age me kr rhe h wo isne itni jldi kr dia for ur kind info. srk amir salman all of thm debuted wid a superhit movie n were appreciatd too bt n Ranbir… grow up

  7. DEAR ALL, !!!!

    Bollywood is bollywood not a hollywood ,all actor same acting on hollywood ,but srk is best of bollywood becuase he is all work same as bollywood tailent ..romance .action,& comedy…..all is perfect part is shahrukh khan,…etc,,,same as chennai express dialouge “Dont underestimate the power of a common man…( Chennai express )

  8. Ranbir is a brilliant actor and a SUPER DUPER STAR…He has achieved superstardom so early in his carees…giving monstrous hit like YJHD to critically acclaimed movies like BARFII, ROCKSTAR…He is no doubt the Best actor in bollywood today…BESHARAM will be a super blockbuster…will break quite a few records

  9. I think Ranbir Kapoor has his own charm and fan following mainly the 15-30 age group plus being the grandson of legendary Raj kapoor he has inherited the genes of superstar. Whereas salman, shahruk, aamir, ajay, hrithik all are due to their sheer hardwork and struggle. they are true legends. salute them.

  10. Acting wise Ajay,Aamir & Hritik are very good . Rest are Overacting .. i hope Satyagra,Krish3 & Dhoom3 will break call records & set new records.

  11. jo actor apne seniors ko respect nahin karta uski film 100 cr i think 50 cr ki kamai vi nahin karni chaidi agar koi SALMAN KHAN AUR SHARUKH KHAN KE TRUE FAN HAIN TA KOI BHI USKI FILM BESHARAM NA DEKHNE JAAYE AAGAR KOI TRUE FAN HAIN TO I AM 1000% SURE I AM NOT GOING TO THIS MOVIE

  12. Ranbir is doing well because he has no competition in his generation, and he has some acting talent. Imran Khan can’t act, Ranveer has no backing/pushing. Before there was competition among young actors between SRK, Salman, Aamir, etc.

    Also, he is heavily promoted in the media, his whole personal life is always in there.

  13. pehle badtameezi dikha kar 190cr kar liye,,
    ab besharmi dikha ke 200cr kar lega….
    but there is no concept no story
    no guide lines

  14. KOIMOI from which angle does this joker looks like a superstar…. A sperstar cane be Dilip kumar, Amitabh, Rajini, Slamn….


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