While Arjun Kapoor is indulging in full blown promotion of Gunday right now, it is hard to not notice the visible changes in the actor’s look. Ear studs, heavier stubble, lighter colored hair. It was difficult to not prod him with a question about it. The actor very gleefully answered, “Well this is for my new film Tevar with dad. The script demands me to look different and I am going with the flow.”


The actor voluntarily proposes more information on the project. “The film’s director is Amit Sharma who is best known for his Google Reunion Ad. We found a perfect story and got in this amazing energetic director and see if something innovative can come out of it.”

Arjun Kapoor at an event
Arjun Kapoor at an event

It is widely known fact that Tevar is based on Telugu film Okadu but Arjun confides in that the story will have pretty many changes. The actor says, “We have altered a little with due respect to the original because we have to cater to a wider spectrum of audiences.”

Arjun plays the role of a college guy who is a kabaddi player and is very passionate about it. Circumstances lead him to go on a run with a girl played by Sonakshi Sinha. Kapoor maintains, “It is the story of an ordinary guy in a not so ordinary situation.”

The actor had incurred severe injury during the film’s shoot. Arjun elaborated on it as well, “I had a bad injury. I was resting a lot in December, but I did a bit of preparation and met a few kabaddi players. They have taught me the basics of the sport and conveyed the essence of the sport.”

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