Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, after watching the upcoming romance drama 2 States, was moved by the film and his daughter’s performance in it. The film directed by Abhishek Verman starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor is based on the famed Chetan Bhagat novel by the same name. After the special screening of the film, Mahesh Bhatt was highly impressed by 2 States and took to Twitter to express his views.


The director tweeted stating, “2 States is a smash hit! Don’t we know that if it is not on the page it is not on the stage. Mubarak! The film moved me!”

Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

He further added, “Karan Johar should be very proud. He has an eye for talent. He gifts the nation with an outstanding writer/ director, Abhishek Verman. ALIA is fantastic in a startlingly different role. But it is ARJUN who stole my heart & made me weep. He is a STAR! ITS A WINNER!”

Looks like, the film has struck a nerve with daddy Mahesh Bhatt. While we have to wait a little longer, the film is all set to release on 18th April 2014.

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