Neeraj Pandey has been on a creative siesta after Special 26. The film that earned rave reviews from the critics, catapulted Akshay Kumar into a league above being a mere Khiladi actor. Kumar was earlier known mostly for his wonderful stunts and fabulous fitness but after Special 26, people began noticing him for his acting as well. With the recent association between Neeraj and Akshay, it seems another sparkling film is at vicinity. The duo have earlier proved their prowess by delivering a memorable and intelligent film, and are all set to strike fortune again it seems.

Recently many news reports informed that Akshay was spotted shooting in Kathmandu, Nepal for an extensive schedule for Pandey’s next film which is a thriller. Though the details of it were reserved carefully, a leading daily reported that the film has been titled ‘Baby’.

Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar at an event
Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar at an event

The film is expected to release in the Republic Day weekend of 2015. Akshay has been shooting relentlessly for the film. With Gabbar in hand, Akshay has been running on packed schedule. The actor will not take a break and fly down to Istanbul to finish shooting Baby’s second schedule as well.

Well, the Khiladi Kumar’s energy is mesmeric. Keep checking out this space to learn more about the film.

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