Akshay Kumar’s Holiday currently lasts at a mammoth number of 78.50 crores. It won’t be a surprise if the film makes it to the 100 crore club soon. With no movie giving it stable competition at the box office, it’s Holiday winning all the way. What is interesting to note here is the fact that Fugly is produced Akshay Kumar too and Holiday stars him. It won’t be erroneous to say that Holiday has given Fugly a massive beating at the box office.

Even Filmistaan last week suffered the same fate, because the commercial instincts of people inclined more towards Holiday. While Filmistaan benefitted from being a heavy content film and eventually going tax free in Maharashtra now, Fugly won’t unfortunately have the same perks.

Fugly and Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Movie Poster
Fugly and Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Movie Poster

Earlier when Koimoi had contacted Akshay regarding the same, asking why the deliberate clash between his two films Holiday and Fugly was inevitable, Kumar had coolly answered, “They are two very different kind of films. And there is an audience for each kind of film.”

It turns out that the the box office figures are not translating Akki’s words. Fugly on its 1st day earned in the range of 2.85 crores, which is a shabby start for any film. In the North, the film still fared better than the rest of the circuits but overall the performance is dismal. The worst bit is that the film’s word of the mouth publicity is negligible, with most critics panning it unanimously.

While Fimistaan isn’t much of a competition for Fugly, catering primarily to the multiplexers and the creme-de-le-creme section of the audiences mostly, it is actually Holiday which isn’t allowing any bandwidth for Fugly to grow at the box office. Eating up its audiences even in its second week, Holiday is currently undeniably reigning strong at the box office with Fugly getting no scope to hold it ground, as per the Saturday occupancy which wasn’t a pleasant number either.

While Holiday will make it to the prestigious 100 crore mark, that has remained unattainable for the actors in his last few flicks, as a producer Akshay’s film is closing on entering the disaster zone. He might be doing well as an actor finally getting back his superstar status but as a producer, Kumar bites the dust.

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