The first look for Nikhil Advani and his film production company Emmay Entertainment & Motion Pictures’ upcoming film ‘Airlift’ is out now. The film is based on the real life evacuation drama and kicked off its first schedule in a grand mansion in a Mumbai studio. Akshay Kumar will be seen sporting a salt pepper look, looking his age! While Nimrat, in the first look still, stuns in a glamorous avatar!


The Raja Menon-directed Airlift went on floors on Saturday in a suburban studio in Mumbai. A grand mansion, complete with Arabic carpets and interiors resembling an affluent Middle-Eastern household, was created for the shoot.

Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in a still from movie 'Airlift'
Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in a still from movie ‘Airlift’

Presented by T-Series and Cape of Good, in strategic partnership with Abundantia Entertainment, AIRLIFT stars Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur, along with a carefully cast ensemble of characters. Airlift is expected to release on January 22, 2016.

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  1. Superstar Akshay Kumar in Baby is looking very good, fit and young, even younger than some young heroes. Very different from the new old man avatar he is sporting now a days.He should not be seen in public with the salt and pepper beard and grey hair. He thinks it is a fashion statement and he even looks good even as an old man, but that will ruin his fan following. As in India the fans will only worship a young hero. The slight hint of age and you start loosing the fan following. If the character in a film demands it then it is okay, but if he is putting a public appearance then it is wrong.
    The Khans Salman, Aamir and Sharukh are 3-4 years older than him but will never be seen in public in grey hair or beard. They groom themselves to look younger. Now Akki is better and younger looking than some of the youngest heroes so why is he hell bent on sporting the salt and pepper beard and grey hair. He is going to drive away all his fans His films will flop as no fans will go to see a hero who is old and he will be left playing character roles. The opening of his movies have already been affected due to this. If he does not pull up his socks and revert back to looking young he will go down. Please Akki we love you too much to go down like that. You are the best youth icon Indian youth can follow what with your humility after all that achievement, disciplined and right fitness policies. Please don’t snatch away that opportunity from our Indian youth .
    Akshay, I think partly the blame for Baby a modern day classic and a remarkable movie, the best in its genre, getting a low opening is because you were running around doing promotion with the salt and pepper beard and grey hair. No one will go to see an old man perform stunts. The sight of grey hair is a turn off for most Indians. And I think you are to be blamed if your Superstar status is harmed.
    We the fans have requested you to not make public appearances looking old but you still continue to do so and see the outcome. A fantastic film like Baby missed out on a great opening and has average collections.
    We the fans are fighting with all and sundry to keep up his superstardom and when he does salt and pepper appearances then he is sure to bring in his doom and brings to naught all our en devours.


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