He, who is always crowned the revolutionist at the box office, he whose films have smashed and crackled with exclusivity at the ticket windows, he who the nation calls their natural super-hero, is definitely the trendsetter in this aspect. Swagaat karo aap inka kyunki yeh hai Dabangg Khan! Yes, Salman Khan, an actor who completely changed the financial scenario as he decided to take the entirely massy entertainment route, delivering one blockbuster after the other has somehow turned out to be the biggest trendsetter for all his contemporaries.

After Prabhu Deva’s Wanted battled through the industry wave and dwindling reviews, it created a Superstar out of an actor who was somehow trying to surmount and rise above the shackles of failures and controversies he was enveloped in. Splendid as we say, the coalition of these cinematic giants somehow brought in a new genre, almost unconquered and new to Bollywood-the action comedies. And ever since, there has been a Dabangg series, a Bodyguard, an Ek Tha Tiger, and a Rowdy Rathore or a Chennai Express that has somehow carved recognition of their own on the Bollywood Hall of Fame, when it comes to numbers.

Salman Khan,Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan And Shahid Kapoor
Salman Khan,Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan And Shahid Kapoor


True as they say, the box office numbers duly refer to the percentile of the audience’s acceptance, one that every maker sets out to garner with each film up for release. And with huger box office records and newer records being created every now and then, the jinx towards a huger future was broken. And it took no time for the sudden resurgence of this Action Entertainers as it spread like wild fire and the A-listers tried to capitalize using their ample catalysts at bay. Talk of Akshay Kumar and you are reminded of him doing the Chin Ta Ta atop a bus in his tacky fluorescent green and pink trousers. Although the site might be disgusting, the movie wasn’t and Rowdy Rathore somehow has been Akshay’s biggest bet till date. With him trying to don over the commercial market with theme oriented films like OMG! Oh My God and even a Special 26 tottering mid way, the conclusion was pretty clear.

And not just Salman, another Khan, who kind of reassured his Baadshahat at the box office and retained his throne like a true Emperor, Shah Rukh struck gold as he delved into the genre with Rohit Shetty in tow. Rest, as we all know is history! Chennai Express, now Bollywood’s highest grossing film ever recorded an earth shattering opening and its steady continuous pace helped it topple other cinematic heavyweights to somehow be crowned Bollywood’s Biggest Entertainer till date. But as critics call it, we’ve and we would love to see better from the King in future as well. A risk that has been well paid off, given the monetary incomings, one thing was pretty sure. When Shah Rukh tried his hands at making the biggest Indian superhero film, his dreams were reduced to ashes, when he gifted the world with an enthralling and subjective performance in My Name Is Khan, all he got was critical acclaim and the awards. But when he tried going the more-nonsense way, he was accepted even wider than he always was. Point? Action comedy hai boss!

And now with Saif Ali Khan showing his innane maneuvers as the Bullett Raja, Ranbir giving some matkas and thumkas to being Besharam in the Dabangg-ish ishtyle, and Bollywood’s pin up guy Shahid Kapoor maaro-ing dhasu dialogues and an impactful entry into the commercial arena with R…Rajkumar, one point is definitely clear: Action comedies are the most successful films made today. And every actor is sucking up to the genre as much as possible. No doubt about that, we say! From the Khans to the Kumars and even the Bolly new guns being Shahid, Ranbir, Imran, Ranveer and Arjun: all are trying to push the envelope in an attempt to rediscover new ways to revamp the usual masala action comedies and create something niche.

But as we discussed about the birth and somehow Golden Era of Action Comedies, there, will surely be a downfall as well. While ‘90s was the Era of mushy romances, it certainly gave way to more interesting and captivating arenas with the dawn of the new millenium. Similarly, just before the magical aura about the so called dhishoom-dhishoom wham-bam maara mari and ceetee maaro dialogues fade away, one question that strikes the mind is when will Perfectionist Aamir Khan try his hands at the same genre. While he is definitely the founder of the 100 as well as the 200 crore club in India, with films like Ghajini, one cannot deny or ignore the inherent intelligentsia attached with even the remotest of Aamir’s films. Even in a film like Talaash, Aamir gives the oh-so-gibberish twist at the end and overwhelming finesse, one which might not have been the case had it been some other actor. With the power to make believe, Aamir can surely put in a fusion of the brains and the no brainer concocting something so natural and real that the nation would be a testimony of.

Today, as he is busy moulding himself into the roles of the suave chor for Dhoom 3 or the god-knows-what! for P.K, we can only wish this actor also traversed his boundaries and tried his hands at something the nation will not expect him to. Wonder how a Chennai Express or a Dabangg would have been with Aamir playing the lead? Well we do so as well. And it’s time that we stay a witness to that feat as well. Whilst his last venture Talaash, although a Hit, could not work the magic his other films did, we expect firecrackers with Dhoom 3 as he boasts of being the founder member of the 300 crore club as well. And while that needs to be seen, we would definitely request the actor to somehow tread across the barrier just like Shah Rukh did and turn rust to gold with his effective Midas touch. What say, guys!

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