Aditya Roy Kapur
Aditya Roy Kapur

Abhishek Kapoor, who made one of the finest films this year and launched one of the most breakthrough actors of all time has landed himself in turmoil over his next pet project Fitoor. The Rock On director who gave TV starlet Sushant Singh Rajput the platform to showcase his superior acting talent and enthrall the audiences has now found himself in a deep mess.


Sushant who has been on a signing spree, working with the biggest brands and heavyweight directors, had to walk out on Gattu’s project Fitoor citing date issues. Sushant always considered the Rock On director his mentor and has somehow become the scapegoat in what you call a battle of the brands. Initially slated to play the titular role opposite Katrina Kaif, Sushant was gearing up for the shooting schedule which was about to take off this month but had to politely opt out when the makers decided to nudge in slight changes every other time.

Although news reports were abuzz with people claiming that Sushant walked out of the project, the story is altogether different, clarified a source. According to the source, Sushant had initially given a nod to the film but was politely elbowed out at the last moment as the team continuously made numerous changes in the schedule according to their free wishes. All in all, a situation was created such that Sushant was left with no other option but to simply back out of the project. The sequence of events somehow made it look the UTV team never wanted Sushant to play the title role anymore

The director who still considers Sushant his protégé is not in a state to negotiate as the turn of events have been such. Initially the film was being headed by Balaji but immediately post that it switched over hands and fell into UTV’s lap. UTV who has previously produced a flurry of great films, including Abhishek Kapoor’s Kai Po Che! featuring Sushant Singh Rajput had to ultimately choose between Sushant and Aditya Roy Kapur. Both Sushant and Aditya are hugely acclaimed stars today with one carrying a Superhit tag in his kitty and the other giving back to back hits on his own accord and delectable performances. The film was about to start shooting in August but Gattu told Sushant that the film might not go on floors this October since it was undergoing changes in the script. When Sushant had asked for a clear date of sorts to begin shoot, the team couldn’t confirm to it either.

What happened in the mean time was Sushant, who is rising high on his back to back successes, has somehow managed to captivate audience glare and come out as a true victor as he went on to sign a host of films including YRF’s Byomkesh headed by Dibakar Banerjee and Shekhar Kapur’s Paani. After he had already got on board with the other projects, he was informed that UTV needed dates for July 2014 to start shooting for Fitoor. That is when Sushant had no choice but to back out of the project.

Only last week when Sushant caught up with Abhishek Kapoor and requested him to shift the schedule to October next year, Gattu could not conform to that as well, since the dates had to match up with that of Katrina’s who is busy with film shoots back to back. And as she had assigned the July 2014 dates to the film, Sushant had to comply with that and he could not.

Although reports suggested Sushant ditched his mentor, a clear story now has a different tale to tell altogether. And with Aditya brimming in the pipeline to fit into Sushant’s shoes and star opposite Katrina Kaif, things have just worsened. People are even considering a brand sabotage as the head honcho of UTV Motion Pictures, Siddharth Roy Kapur happens to be Aditya’s brother and sources claim he is leaving no stone unturned to promote his brother in full throttle. And with a film with him in the lead opposite an actress like Katrina is definitely providing him more mileage and boost. But will Katrina star opposite Aditya Roy Kapur is what the makers are worried about. But if sources are to be believed, it would not be a problem for Kat because Aditya already has a solo superhit credited to his name.

While gossip mongers would keep blaming UTV and Sidharth Roy Kapur for his younger brother, one thing would definitely be a point of caution. Sidharth, who is extremely professional has never ever resorted to such gimmicks and conspiracies and if he had, he could have well promoted and lifted his brother while he was at home with no great work commitments all these years. Having said that, Sushant would definitely have been a better choice for Fitoor as he, in all probabilities has the true essence of a star and more so because he is one terrific actor on screen. Nevertheless, Paani and P.K should make up for the losses, boy!

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