Now, Action Jackson did not give the creeps but I pretty much loathed the trailer. If Wanted could get dumber, get more offensive, more superfluous, more violent and utterly vulgar, it would be rechristened as Action Jackson. Easily capable of passing off as Wanted 2, probably what will work in the favor of this film is Prabhudheva’s ability to maintain pace, keeping his narrative racy. Atleast when things happen faster in the film, it becomes that much easier for you to sit through it.

Ajay Devgn looks stellar and quite different from what Rohit Shetty’s depiction in Singham. The six pack abs, the tattoos and the stunts are neatly done. His ability to master stunts has been harnessed well in this film and I can safely say violence of this extreme cannot be suitable for children.

Ajay Devgn in a still from movie 'Action Jackson'
Ajay Devgn in a still from movie ‘Action Jackson’

However, my problem isn’t the film’s design which calls for it to be loud or the film’s action which despite being slick goes overboard. The vulgar undertones of the film makes it sillier. A baffled looking Sonakshi Sinha pops up from time to time to ogle at Ajay’s crotch. Yami Gautam, has flown out right from a 90s’ YRF film; donning chiffon sarees, she seems like a prop who will breeze along with the music.

Extracting lines out of Kick, going all about dil and samajh, Action Jackson offers nothing new and seems like a pile on to Prabhudheva’s repertoire. Over the top, it is the kind of film that relies solely on its lead man to make the film even remotely passable.

The trailer is lame and dumb and despite novelty not being on my priority list for this film given its formulaic feel, but this might just be Prabhudheva’s laziest work. It isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. He has blended the best of all his potboilers, taken dialogues from Salman Khan’s recent hit, Action Jackson‘s trailer is an utter bore! Watch Wanted again if you want to have some real fun.

Action Jackson Trailer

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  1. Teri to phat gayi hai trailer dekh kar aisa chinese martial art aaj tak bollywood me nahi aaya hai
    ajay is best actor in superstars

  2. What a pathetic and nonsense review by the writer who is himself a nonsense and full of boredome.Who the hell has made u the critic.You are nothing but a self claiming pr of khans.You cannot tolerate success of other actors.let me tell u its deadly combo of action super star ajay and dancing superstar prabhu dheva.its a sure shot blockbuster.u just shut up.

  3. Who the hell this critics is khan ka chamcha hain yeh sala daar gaya ajay ki aukat dekh ke kahi srgay ki movie ko effect naa kare

  4. After reading the article heading, I instantly check the trailer, loved it. After that ignored the article and now commenting lol.

  5. Sale kuch bhi…srgay ne kharid Liya hai isko….ajay ka dance..Chinese martial arts..three heroines…mansavi…killer body …..trailee is awesome…loved it…. Tum log khali srgay ke chamche ho…hpy new year to tees maar khan ka part 2 hai……!!!!

  6. abe sale tumhe critics kon bna diya…kuchh bhi likh deta hai. tumhare jaise men se computers/laptops chhin leni chahiye…n rhegi bans..n bjegi bansuri,.

  7. Surely one of the worst looking films of recent times..R…Rajkumar’s trailer was much better than AJ’s trailer. Even the garbage called Son Of Sardar looked better at first!

  8. I loved it.. I think its a full entertainer.. and critic sir!!, why you become so logical for Ajay D movie only..? Is it because you know only he can be so versatile…lol. Let him to do some entertainer boss!!

  9. What a stupit analysis …… I have also watch trailer but it is not like that u have said… Plz don’t compare salman khan with the realy hard working ajay devgan.And just stop giving your valuless comment…….

  10. Like The Trailer. it is awesome.
    one thing i want to ask from critic why looking away from masala movie, when it comes to different stars.?

  11. critics and media is sold in the hands of khans those who behave like a kinners in their movies and critics thumbs up for them because kinners like to kinner they cant understand the acts of men

    • Sorry Guys i was asked to deliver negative reviews for Ajay’s movies whether it was for Super Hit movie Singham 2 or AJ. Actually I was paid for these kind of reviews but i made huge mistake reviewing bad comments on Super hits Singham 2 and Dhoom 3. Now i ll try to give authentic reviews from now on. I m so sorry guys. Enjoy the best trailer and have fun.

  12. Maybe idiots can’t accept it, but that review is brilliant. This film looks more than stupid and Ajay should stop playing in such ridiculous movies…we’ve all seen how Singham 2 dropped dramatically at the box-office after day 1 because it was rubbish… Come back to real cinema like Rajneeti please Ajay !


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