Abhishek Bachchan seems just as excited about his upcoming flick Dhoom 3, as co-actor Aamir Khan. With the film’s final cut ready, the excitement is all booming for the year’s most awaited venture. Belonging to Aamir’s genre of work, one can expect the perfectionist to deliver spectacular words. Abhishek Bachchan is so enthralled by his distinguished co-actor Aamir Khan that they actually have plans to loop Khan in the next edition too ‘but as a good guy’.


While talking to the media about Dhoom 3, Junior Bachchan said, “Dhoom is Dhoom and it’s the third time round. Jai and Ali are back and this time we have Aamir with us! What an honour for any actor to get the opportunity to work with Aamir. You just get to learn so much by just observing him.”

Abhishek Bachchan At cover launch of Mandate Magazine
Abhishek Bachchan At cover launch of Mandate Magazine

The actor was at an event for Mandate magazine which had him and his father Amitabh Bachchan on the magazine’s cover. Junior Bachchan while talking about his brilliant time shooting for Dhoom 3 mentioned, “Aamir is so helpful and so caring and giving as an actor that I am honoured to have worked with him. Let’s see, we’ll try and convince him to come back in Dhoom 4 as a good guy.”

Looks like the perfectionist Khan still has his edge and doesn’t fail to overwhelm people even after decades of work!

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  1. This is nothing but a marketing and promotion gimmick because still they more the three month to release movie Dhoom 3 team jaanti hai k chennai express ane wali hai every film lover koimoi and bollywood hungama browsing karenge isley this is nothing but a film publicity

  2. I wanna see a new comer to play the villain in Dhoom 4, Somebody who can recreate the magic of seventies villain’s such as: Ajit/Loin- Amjad khan/Gabbar- Khulbushan/Shakaal- Amrish puri/Mogambo- Premnath/SirJudah- Anupham kher/Dr Dang- Danny/Kancha cheena- and Sadashiv Amruparkar as Maharani & Din Bondhu Dina Nath (DBDN)
    All those actors has left a name for themselves. so whats the point? who plays the villain in Dhoom 3/4/5….6..ect! Who cares if its Aamir/Salman or SRK plays the villain! i dont think none of them can be compared with all the above i mentioned on this list, Can they? I dont think so!!!!!!


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