Dhoom 3 Movie Poster
Dhoom 3 Movie Poster

Shortly before the release of Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra starrer Dhoom 3, our reader has written to refuting the views of our earlier Reader’s View column. Raj Kaka told us about how he wasn’t even remotely flattered by the film’s first look, another reader Darshan Kumar strongly disagrees with the same.  As a guest blog post by our readers, Koimoi.com brings to you a write up by Darshan Kumar on why he think this edition of the franchise will be supreme! Read on…


Last few months has seen tremendous growth in Bollywood when records after records came tumbling at the box office. 200 crore seems to be the new league for extra-ordinary superstars. First it was Chennai Express and then beating it hands down was Krrish 3.

However, the year’s most awaited film is still to release. Dhoom is an awsome franchise as per Bollywood standards. The film which now see the release of its third edition, Dhoom 3 has entertained not only fans but has also worked in favor of its producers monetarily. The franchise has set example for the industry by getting bigger and better each time, more so now with Perfectionist actor Aamir Khan and hit queen Katrina Kaif don the roles of film’s lead pair. With growth of multiplexes and screens and the big holiday season ahead and no major releases, this movie can easily be called the most strategically planned release.

Big movies collecting 30 crore+ on holidays, so even on average count Dhoom will surely collect 150+ crore on 5 clear holidays it has got (22 Dec,25 Dec,29 Dec,31 Dec,1 Jan) and add another 100+ crores including Fridays , Saturdays and Christmas holidays in store so making collections 250-270 crore without hinderances. With no major releases before Salman Khan’s Jai Ho and another run of 20 odd days it can be expected to collect 0-50 crore easily.

So Dhoom 3 is not just going to be another movie; it’s gonna be a storm this holiday season with Aamir emerging a winner, all set to regain his Bollywood supremacy taken away from 3 Idiots.

It will be a race for Aamir to prove there may be kings, queens, badshahs and superheros in Bollywood but no one is more supreme than this Perfectionist Khan whose name in the movie is all what it takes to start money rolling in ticket counters of cinema houses. The only thing that has power to spoil this party is bad critic review which may halt its journey to 300. But a good review from critics it may take the ride well beyond unthinkable territory. Dhoom:3 geared up to zoom past 300 crore!




  1. Aamir is the best of bests in Bollywood and he will surely achieve more than 300 crs in domestic and 500 crs total across the world…

  2. You are right bro, d3 has every reason to click bigger, guys here who are haters of aamir &d3 are unaware what kind of craze this movie has in cinegoers, undoubtedly most awaited movie of the year even trade predicted despite of non holiday weekend it will collect close to 100cr in just 3 days, the biggest requirement of any movie to be successful is getting +ve wom and critics review if it will got these than there is a possibility to reach 350 or 400cr due to no competition before Salman’s jai ho, and no doubt he is supremo of bollywood, the best actor-superstar of his and forthcoming generation.


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