Dhoom 3 Movie Poster
Dhoom 3 Movie Poster

Shortly before the release of Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra starrer Dhoom 3, our reader has written to refuting the views of our earlier Reader’s View column. Raj Kaka told us about how he wasn’t even remotely flattered by the film’s first look, another reader Darshan Kumar strongly disagrees with the same.  As a guest blog post by our readers, Koimoi.com brings to you a write up by Darshan Kumar on why he think this edition of the franchise will be supreme! Read on…

Last few months has seen tremendous growth in Bollywood when records after records came tumbling at the box office. 200 crore seems to be the new league for extra-ordinary superstars. First it was Chennai Express and then beating it hands down was Krrish 3.

However, the year’s most awaited film is still to release. Dhoom is an awsome franchise as per Bollywood standards. The film which now see the release of its third edition, Dhoom 3 has entertained not only fans but has also worked in favor of its producers monetarily. The franchise has set example for the industry by getting bigger and better each time, more so now with Perfectionist actor Aamir Khan and hit queen Katrina Kaif don the roles of film’s lead pair. With growth of multiplexes and screens and the big holiday season ahead and no major releases, this movie can easily be called the most strategically planned release.

Big movies collecting 30 crore+ on holidays, so even on average count Dhoom will surely collect 150+ crore on 5 clear holidays it has got (22 Dec,25 Dec,29 Dec,31 Dec,1 Jan) and add another 100+ crores including Fridays , Saturdays and Christmas holidays in store so making collections 250-270 crore without hinderances. With no major releases before Salman Khan’s Jai Ho and another run of 20 odd days it can be expected to collect 0-50 crore easily.

So Dhoom 3 is not just going to be another movie; it’s gonna be a storm this holiday season with Aamir emerging a winner, all set to regain his Bollywood supremacy taken away from 3 Idiots.

It will be a race for Aamir to prove there may be kings, queens, badshahs and superheros in Bollywood but no one is more supreme than this Perfectionist Khan whose name in the movie is all what it takes to start money rolling in ticket counters of cinema houses. The only thing that has power to spoil this party is bad critic review which may halt its journey to 300. But a good review from critics it may take the ride well beyond unthinkable territory. Dhoom:3 geared up to zoom past 300 crore!

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  1. Aamir is the best of bests in Bollywood and he will surely achieve more than 300 crs in domestic and 500 crs total across the world…

  2. You are right bro, d3 has every reason to click bigger, guys here who are haters of aamir &d3 are unaware what kind of craze this movie has in cinegoers, undoubtedly most awaited movie of the year even trade predicted despite of non holiday weekend it will collect close to 100cr in just 3 days, the biggest requirement of any movie to be successful is getting +ve wom and critics review if it will got these than there is a possibility to reach 350 or 400cr due to no competition before Salman’s jai ho, and no doubt he is supremo of bollywood, the best actor-superstar of his and forthcoming generation.

  3. do u know in south india no body watches hindi movie….. but this time all my south indian friends have already started booking PVR online tickets of dhoom3.. so get ready for a box office cyclone this year

  4. It seems that ur a big fan of Amir and thats not the worrying part but u ve 2 b good at ur stats 30 cr + is not at all easy for 5 days then again for a suspense thrill movie its hard dat people will watch it 2-3 times so 300 cr at doubt but it will collect around 225 cr.

  5. Dhoom 3 will creates a huge records after cheenai express and krrish 3……my two leading favourite actors are in this film…….nd katrina’s gorgeous look heads up to the movie……..definately 270-300 cr..

  6. By the time it has amassed 200 cr. people would realise
    what a horrendous movie they have seen with nothing new in terms of thrills,chills.It can’t beat Krrish anyhow.

  7. another bullshit estimates………..
    200 crores in india is reasonable due to 5 holidays as they said (as desi x men did) and 12 -15 million overseas………

    but just can’t imagine what wil happen when srk and sallu bhai enjoy so many holidays

    • srk tested cristmas season in 2011 with a sequal called Don 2 and was not able to even surpass Ghajini (2008) collection grossed 106cr net in India, Salman got release of Dabangg2 released on 21st dec 2012, a sequal to one of the most loving movie Dabangg and result is 158cr domestic not surpassed even ETT’s collection forget 3I, so stop nonsense.

  8. People are saying things like “”Hurricane”” and “”supremo of bollywood”” “”best of bests”” “”the best actor-superstar””

    Give me one answer WHAT HAPPENED TO “TALAASH”
    Let me tell you RaOne was worst movie ——Still crossed 100cr
    Tinku ko abhi 5 ya 6 janam lena padega King banne ke liye

  9. You guys don’t seem to get it ..
    Producers have already started the bookings 1 month before release???
    Why bcoz they have a fear that it may be a bad film and they know it pre release buzz is bigger than reviews

    • hahaha poor moron JTHJ booked theatre of JTHJ with ETT release in June 2012, for ett they booked theatre 2 month ago and for jthj 4 month ago, and you are right Jthj was a pathetic movie but its not in case of D3

  10. People are saying things like “”Hurricane””—-“”supremo of bollywood””—-“”the best actor-superstar””
    I just want to ask one Question to them
    What Happened to “”TALAASH””(Came after 3 years of 3Idots)
    RaOne Worst Movie———Still crossed 100 Cr thats why PEOPLE call him King
    Tinko ko 10 janam aur lagega King banne ke liye

    • beta ra.one is still considered biggest disaster bcause 100 crores dont matter. the budget of ra.one was 150 crores still it made only 114 crores.

      • Beta that is wat I told you SRK’s Disaster movies also make 114cr and Tinku’s Hit movie Talaash makes around 90cr

        Baap Baap hota hai (Like SRK AND SALMAN)
        Tinku to Tinku Hai Bechara who needs Dhoom Franchise to cross 227(Chennai exp) HAHAHA

        • srk need salman Fav Season, requested jeetendra to postponed his movie OUATIMD, signed one of the successful director Rohit Shetty and leading heroine Deepika than able to surpass 3I record which was created in 2009, ce record just thrashed in 3 months while 3i record was unbroken till 3yr and 8 months, for talassh it grossed more than srk MNIK(hugely promoted venture) in domestic….

    • do u know what diferentiaite amir from other actor is the quality of movies …he makes movie for entertainment of audience…..movies is his passion and not for sake of money making like salman makes in cheap shows like bigboss

    • i can ask u the same question.. wat happened with MY NAME IS KHAN it was a good movie still it failed to cross 100 crs at box office but 3 idiots crossed 200 crs. U have to understand there are different genres. Talaash and MY NAME IS KHAN are not those movies which make huge business. Talaash is a suspense thriller so once u hav seen it the suspense is over so it will not hav repeat value. GOT IT

  11. Its heartning to see such positive article before the release of the biggest movie of the year. Expectations are at all time high for this movie.

    Now the ball is in Aamir’s court. There are lot of comparisons being done with previous Dhoom super villians. However I just want to say to all Aamir haters no matter what you say there can only be one Mr perfectionist in this industry. U will find this when you watch him mesmarize the entire country by his supreme acting skills.

  12. those people who are talking about aamir’s look don’t they watch interviews, abisek said that the role is totally different from hritik and john,,,,,,,,i am agree that it will gross 300 crore ++++++

  13. acha ni lgra bulkul b…kat k sath…..thre should be a young tall hero who can stand comparable with john n hritika…like sidharth malhotra or ny 1 else

  14. Totally agree with this Article. Aamir is not an ordinary actor. He always has something preserved for his viewers not only his fans.

  15. I think this is the most accurate prediction about Dhoom 3 thanks to the writer for his perfect analysis for the perfectionist khan

  16. Whhat rubbish article ??? Aamir is only 5.5ft tall actor nearing 50 yrs of age . He looks so aged with katrina and short in front….. His time is gone. He shud only direct movies now

      • He is not sharukh whose age is 49 & luks like a 70yr old ..Aamir is even cuter than his nephew imran.. he looks like a macho in this movie..i know hater’s ass r burning..

    • first tell me your height and your fan following in front of Aamir even HR fan following is less than Aamir’s, who cares height Sachin is masters in Cricket and Aamir in Bollywood and if you are able enough to understand what a cinema is than you didn’t wrote these foolish kinda comment here

  17. halwa hai kya…..this movie DHOOM 3 ony gets 30 crore in box office…….like AKSHAY BOSS…..

    ITS LIKE COMEDIAN RAJPAL doing action movie……….


    YRF boriya bisstara….bado…ur ……YRF pe tala mardo……..you guys will suffer huge financial loss this time………
    its not like EK THA TIGER where SALMAN does action

  18. Who could forget aamir khan in ghajini,fanna… The characters which were better and intrestingly novel for me to watch. He mayn’t have physical personality like hrithik and john in previous installment of dhoom but he isn’t worst at all, aamir was best and he will prove it again. comparing his height with bike is so disgusting to hear.. Don’t underestimate aamir’s acting u all know how good he is at it..

  19. Srk recent movies not even come close to aamir movies which are classics…..not talking of sallu bhai…everyone knows his movies are craps…hritik is only actor who stands near to aamir n has a quality……well talash is very well made movie better thn ce…don series..ra1…n about dhoom mind it 300crore on cards as it has many holidayz sat..sun…christmad….31…newyear…then next sat n sun……u all want to witness supremacy of aamir wait for dhoom

  20. Dont becm a blind follower….aamir cant touch even the toe of hritik n john of previous versions….it may be a huge hit due huge fan following f aamir…n srk haters…..but the fans f aamir cant change the truth…aamir doesnt suit al all…..

  21. Truly said, Amir’s name is enough, that’s why his last 2 releases Dhobi Ghat and Talaash both did business of more than 400 crore individually

  22. Dhoom 3 will break CE and Krishh 3 records…

    And our numero uno Dabbang, Rockstaar, megastar, Superstar Indian cinema has ever produced Mr salman khan’s Jai Ho will break all these records… also Kick lined up and a Kabir khan movie coming…

    SRK will disappear, Aamir respect salman and he knows better about breaking records.

  23. dhom three comedy movie lagta hai not action aamir has got shorter hight than katrina
    he doesnot have good muscles like john, hritik, salman
    his legs r too small to ride sports bike

    biggest flop of the year dhoom 3 comedy movie.
    i guess RAJPAL YADAV better fits in this movie..dhoom machaleee…

  24. aamir crossed 100 cr mark first.
    aamir crossed 150 mark first.
    aamir crossed 200 cr mark frst.
    its aamir who is gonna cross 250 cr mark with d3.
    it will be aami who will cross 300 cr mark with pk.

    • @lateef sorry but u r wrong somewhere. aamir will create 300 crores mark with just dhoom 3 and then 400 crores mark with peekay.

  25. mere khyal mai khans & kapoors & roshan & kumar hamesha achi sript wali movies pr kaam karty hen
    in ki movies mai kabhi miss nhi karta
    inki movies mai hamesha achi or alag tarah ki story hoti he
    so enjoy D3 also
    meri to jan nikal rahi he trailer dekhne k baad D3 dekhny k lie

  26. Whatever you ppl say … In Acting Aamir is just awesome. Watching his films for me is just like spending my quality hours being alive. – an AD fan !

  27. dhoom3 has nothing to offer except a 50 year old who luks like 75 year old its a sure flop. aamir cant create d magic that john and hrithik did…

  28. Very Much agree with you on this. :DAamircant accept a script which is not worthy of critical acclaim. AND looking at the response to teasers and trailers i bet it will cross 350 crs at domestic box office.Also, none of the films that broke 3 idiots record were peices of shit. 

  29. Very Much agree with you on this. :DAamircant accept a script which is not worthy of critical acclaim. AND looking at the response to teasers and trailers i bet it will cross 350 crs at domestic box office. 


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