Though Aamir Khan is called Mr Perfectionist, the rough side of the man being finicky about work has often landed him up in several controversies including the fall out with director Amol Gupte and Anusha Rizi, the writer of Peepli Live. While Gupte claimed that it was incorrect of Aamir to procure his script and direct it himself, Anusha claimed that Khan has been hogging the limelight of Peepli Live all for himself.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan


To avoid any such debacle, reports suggest that makers of Dhoom 3 are avoiding Aamir Khan’s meddling ways in the film’s post production. However Aditya Chopra is making good use of Aamir Khan’s impeccable marketing sense as the duo have been plotting good marketing strategies to promote the film that will release on 20th December on the eve of Christmas.

The film will mark the collaboration of Bollywood’s two biggest marketing giants Aamir Khan and Yash Raj Films. And the feeling that settles when one hears of it is that the film will be no ordinary one but a spectacle rightly named Dhoom!

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  1. dhoom 3 will be the biggest grocer of 2013-

    if wom is bad then 160 crore
    if average then 200 crore
    if good then 240 crore
    if very good then 275+


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