Expect Aamir Khan to always defy what the general norm is. At a time when superstars were shy of promoting their film, the actor scooped out fresher ways to make his film more appealing to the audiences. Now that his old rage has caught on well with audiences, the actor himself has withdrawn from a trend he has mastered earlier.

Aamir Khan in Dhoom:3 Movie
Aamir Khan in Dhoom:3 Movie


After going low on promoting Talaash, the actor will also refrain from aggressively promoting Dhoom 3. A close aide of Dhoom 3 informed that Aamir isn’t very keen on promoting his films like other actors do – dancing on reality shows and making trips to the mall!

Aamir is apparently very convinced about his product and wants the film to do talking. However, this can also turn out to be very harmful for the film that has great potential of faring very well at the box office as due to lack of promotions, the film’s buzz might deflate!

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  1. so called perfectionist becoming escapist..
    he better knows that dhoom3 will be at least become hit even with or without ak or ak promotes or not..so if tomorrow film doesnt work he will have a excuse for his so called intelligentsia fans to say say that since ak didnt promote thats why it didnt work..
    ak very well know if he promote film people will definitely compare his strategy with SRK and he knows that its very difficult to match that.
    ak has always tried to be in the news for not doing the things which srk do the very best.
    like not attending filmfare awards wher he knows he cannot beat srk in acting dept..because amir needs good script to make good films where as srk needs himself to make even a bad script film to make it special..films make ak a good actor but,srk make films good..so telling ak wants his films to speak is just a true lie.
    initiallly ak didnot want to take for ads,saying he dont want to become a salesman,but he knows that he dont have a charisma of srk to sell a product,only after lagaan he got some face and credibility then only he okayed for ads..
    and if you want to compare ak and srk on personal level less said than better…
    any way ak promotes or not i wish dhoom3 should get record collection so that at-least SRK will have something to fight for and work for..

    • you are an a…in this,,there…is no comparison betn aamir and srk…they are different.
      srk always holds hand of popular director,,he only worked with yrf,…karan johar……look at aamir…he always works with fresherwith lot o fchallenges and still is godfather of 100cr and 200cr.
      …go fight with salman…stay away from aamir

  2. Maybe he knows better the movie has not so much potential than others think. So if he distanced himself from it earlier it´s better for his image.

  3. next year aamir’s movie will rape srgay’s happynewyear. tab saale srgay ke fans ki gaand hi fat jaayegi chutiyonki.


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